The Molekule air purifier is an engineering feat, featuring next-gen technology. It’s also classic and elegant, suitable for professional spaces and homes alike. But, what about getting one, setting it up and using it?

Ordering involves a visit to the Molekule website. An email confirms your order. Tracking services ensure that you know its on its way and when to expect it. Your boxed unit arrives in a reusable plastic pouch. This clearly constitutes an environmentally aware move on the part of the company. Repurposing is a given. Also excess plastic is eliminated.

Unboxing your unit reveals the sleek, fuel-cell-like design. This air purifier looks nothing like the archaic and clunky electronic boxes of yore. Tasteful, it does nothing to impinge or detract from any sort of décor scheme.

Your next step will involve segueing to the app store and acquiring the Molekule app. The app will walk the uninitiated through the process. One blogger found it quite easy, but it is likely dependent on how conversant one is with using technology.

One possible deterrent for some sleepers, the unit requires a light to be on for its best use. There is an alternative night mode, fortunately. However, it may be slightly less good at relieving that morning stuffy-head feeling.