In the insurance business, some of the organizations have been known for writing some generic insurance products that do not target any customer in the market. This has been a traditional approach used by a significant share of the insurance organizations that have been operating in the market for many years. Having such generic products has not always been good for the success of the organization because there are some essential issues that have been missing.

As the chief executive officer of the Insurance Office of America, Heath Ritenour has not been working on building some generic insurance products. Instead, he has always been interested in ensuring that most of the products that he has been developing have been targeted to meet the specific needs of various organizations in the market. That is why his insurance organization has remained successful in the market despite the obvious problems.

Heath Ritenour wants to ensure that he has the best-targeted insurance products in the market as compared to the organizations that have been working on having some generic products. Having such products has been very effective in attracting potential customers. There are some insurance organizations that have been finding it hard to penetrate into the market because they do not have sufficient customers. These are the organizations that have been offering generic insurance products to their customers.

However, Heath Ritenour has been offering some targeted insurance products. Having such products in his organization has been a very welcome aspect that has been pushing his organization forward. There have been some major insurance products that he has been incorporating in the market that has also been essential in attracting various customers who have been essential in changing the wellbeing of the business. That is why Heath has been very successful in dealing with some significant challenges in this sector.

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