In an article entitled “Dickey’s Barbecue Pit CEO Reacts to Repeal of COVID-19 Restrictions”, Laura Rea Dickey says safety protocols will still be in place at many eateries while businesses find a balance for customer comfort levels.

Laura Rea Dickey first joined Dickey’s Barbecue in 2006, soon after his husband Roland Dickey assumed the role of the CEO. She was brought in as a marketing whiz and communications consultant. Laura quickly rose to the level of Chief Communications Officer due to her business acumen.

The business was quickly expanding, and restructuring was necessary. Thus, Roland Jr became the Chief Executive Officer of the newly founded Dickey Capital Group, the mother company for the company’s business transactions. In contrast, she became the Chief CEO of Dickey Barbecue Restaurants.

When Laura was the Chief Information Officer, she transformed how information was viewed at Dickey’s Barbecue. She worked across various departments to implement and manage technology. She developed a system called “Smoke Stack” that was used by iOLAP to monitor and analyze data. The system collects and synthesizes data from various systems and programs to provide real-time feedback to drive sales and improve performance.

After becoming the CEO, Laura took the company’s technology and innovation to the next level. As the number of consumers who rely on delivery grew significantly, Smoke Snack developed a robust third-party delivery program that helped drive positive same-store sales. The organization has additionally taken Smoke Snack to a higher level, dispatching a buyer application in the iOS store and using Amazon’s voice innovation inside café tasks. Through Alexa, Amazon’s AI remote helper, administrators can get significant deals information investigation without leaving the kitchen and sit around idly running the actual measurements.

Laura now fills in as Chief Executive Officer of Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc. Dickey has been with the brand since 2009 and, most of late, filled in as Chief Information Officer before changing to CEO in 2017. Dickey has worked in the promoting and data innovation fields for more than 20 years and has driven the showcasing, IT, and preparing groups at Dickey’s during her time there. Read more about Laura Rea Dickey, here.

Laura Rea Dickey is a winning honor chief; in her season of longer than ten years with the family-claimed organization, she has prepared for its fast development through her work meeting promoting with data innovation to make information-driven outcomes


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