Every business is created with various philosophies. When Hawkers rebranded and launched new products into the market, it had a very clear philosophy. With Alejandro Betancourt Lopez as chief executive officer, the company decided to offer designer, high fashion and exceptional quality sunglasses.

The institution did not leave the price factor behind. Because getting sunglasses was proving to be an extremely expensive for many in the society, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez decided to bring down the prices of his quality sunglasses. By having affordable sunglasses, Hawkers quickly captured the attention of many.

The lifestyle brand grew extremely fast, especially among persons who enjoy purchasing trendy and fashionable items. The lifestyle company was positive that its products were bound to have a great story among consumers. Previously, while in the Spain region, the facility had done well, despite having tough issues with its funds.

Convinced that they had a good chance of getting good profits and revenue from the bigger market, the facility brought in a renowned personality as an angel investor. The company fortunes rebounded because of Alejandro Betancourt. The angel investor agreed to become not only a partner but president in the facility. The international growth followed immediately when this decision was made.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, accompanied by a few investors in the Spain market had first invested fifty six million when getting the company up from its losses. This amount saved the company from the embarrassing and stressful situation it was handling.

The second phase of funding strengthened the position of Alejandro Betancourt in the facility too. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez loved how the facility was going in the Spain market. The outcome of this business is what made him start to broaden the company distribution to cover customers in North America, Asia and Europe. Happy customers bring forth success and long lasting growth. Reviews from happy shopper is what makes the facility enjoy success up to date.

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