Caribou Caribou is a leading international and domestic logistic company in the United Kingdom that offers personalized logistical services driven by technology. The firm also provides professional customer services, which is evident in their timely and efficient quality of service. By listening to their customer needs, they have managed to evolve their services and remain competitive. UK Business owners in need of a large storage facility can benefit from the company’s 40,000 square foot facility fitted with CCTV cameras and offering a range of services from pick and pack to container unloading and loading.

Business owners are always assured of warehousing regardless of the duration that they need. Caribou also offers pallet services that ensure businesses can efficiently get their pallets in different locations quickly and cost-effectively. Clients who prefer to use the company’s European and the United Kingdom palletized freight operations benefit from delivery options like next-day, time, and economy.

Anyone who’s looking to send items via Caribou should know that the firm has a policy on restricted and prohibited items. Some prohibited items that clients cannot be sent via the company include perishable food products, fire extinguishers, dangerous goods like explosives, animal skins and aerosol cans. The company also has a policy that restricts the shipment of particular items.

Anyone who wishes to transport the items will need to know that no guarantees or transit covers apply to such items. So, clients sending them via Caribou will be doing so at their own risk. In the case of new goods whose manufacturers label hasn’t been tampered with, the company can insure them against damage and loss.

For those transporting used goods, Caribou can only insure the items against loss. Clients who need timely delivery of their products can benefit from the logistics company same-day delivery services available across Europe and United Kingdom. As for the same delivery service, the company will dispatch items one hour after an initial booking. As for the regular delivery, the products collected are delivered within 24 hours after being received.


Caribou operates 24/7 across Europe and the United Kingdom, and this is designed to ensure faster delivery of goods and services. The firm’s bespoke service is also designed to cater to client needs; all you have to do is ask.