Scott DylanAs Founder and Partner at Fresh Thinking Group, Dylan brings together a talented team of dedicated professionals who guide struggling businesses towards positive solutions. The values of the Fresh Thinking Group are to serve as the inspiration for every effort and endeavor.

That includes helping to lead a movement in entrepreneurship, growth, and leadership that fundamentally reimagines business practices for an improved life, in business and in life. The Fresh Thinking Group believes in transformational creativity, collaboration, innovation, and shared value.

Scott Dylan: Vitality comes from healthy social interaction. I believe our companies are built on foundations of mutual respect and compassion. Connecting, communicating and laughing with one another lifts us out of our routines and helps us realize the full extent of our potential.

In 1996, Scott started Fresh Thinking Group to form and sell data management and administration platforms, and provide services to law firms in the UK. In 2002, he bought Adjacent Work for £7m, which subsequently sold to Capital One for £35m. In 2011, he bought the business back again, forming Adjacent Work Ltd. The first acquisition of property companies, Anschutz, and an empty industrial estate in Finley, all in 2012, grew the business to the four offices.

Founded in 2018, the Fresh Thinking Group has a focus on people-centered culture and results-driven progress. We bring together teams and develop high-impact organizations. Its key values are:

  • Commitment to an inclusive culture that values diversity and encourages people to seek individual excellence.
  • Generous support of all employees and their families – by offering fair pay and fair terms.
  • We offer fair pay and fair terms. Community outreach – by creating a culture that engages, educates and empowers.

Social interaction creates shared prosperity, which fosters social and cultural institutions, which in turn create powerful vested interests, which influence government. Organizational success is dependent on societal success. Therefore, for my business to succeed, it is important to be a part of society.

Scott Dylan: We have made a commitment to invest our profits back into our communities, and with these funds we’re creating employment opportunities for local people, supporting their education and training.

Scott Dylan: I was a successful private equity investor in UK and other European companies and had success in creating organizations that benefited their shareholders. However, I was not satisfied with the operating model of many companies in the UK and across Europe.

Scott Dylan, founder and partner at Fresh Thinking Group, said: “We want to build a commercial office space that enhances the company’s competitive advantage as a leader in business process outsourcing, flexible space, marketing automation, project management, and customer relationship management.”