Ross LevinsohnThroughout his career, Ross Levinsohn has helped companies of all sizes expand their brand reach. In 1990, he accepted a leadership role with HBO, and he would spend the next six years there before moving to CBS Sportsline. Levinsohn has also worked for companies such as Fox Interactive Media, Guggenheim Digital Media and Fuse Capital.

Levinsohn Is Best Known for His Work With Fox Interactive Media

In 2000, Ross Levinsohn was hired to help Fox grow its digital footprint in the United States. By the time he left the company six years later, Fox Interactive Media was one of the most influential content providers in the world. Today, the company is known as Fox Sports One, and it broadcasts regional, national and international sporting events to millions of people each day.

Ross Levinsohn Enjoys Helping Startups Reach Their Potential

In 2014, Levinsohn would start a venture capital firm that sought to help technology startups scale their companies as quickly as possible. In addition to financial resources, he provided industry contacts, experience and other resources to the companies that his organization partnered with. Levinsohn would walk away from the business that he created in 2017 to take a job with the Tribune Company.

Sports Illustrated Hired Him in 2019

In October 2019, Levinsohn would get an opportunity to accomplish a lifelong dream by taking over as CEO of Sports Illustrated. For most of his adult life, he had been enamored by the prospect of helping older brands survive in the 21st century. During his time with the publication, he has managed to help it find a new purpose in a world where people typically consume content online.

Maven Would Appoint Levinsohn to Replace Its Founder

Maven is a publishing firm that provides Sports Illustrated with the tools it needs to reach its audience. Therefore, the company already knew that Levinsohn would be the right person to lead the organization into the future. In August 2020, Maven would officially name him as the firm’s top executive.