Randy Douthit is a famous film producer and director; he has been in the industry for a long time. He has a strong work ethic, and his favorite quote is, “do not pick a fight with anyone who buys their ink by a barrel.” Randy gets his skills and knowledge from his team and by reading books. He mentioned that one of his favorite books and one he can recommend to people is Secrete of the Light, written by Walter Russel.

Randy Douthit is passionate about his work. Since a young age, he wanted to serve in the production and entertainment industry. One day he visited his grandfather, and it was the first time he saw a television; the tv went off, and that is when he realized he wanted to be in the entertainment industry. He tried to switch the lights in the movie rooms on and off. His grandfather allowed him to pursue his dreams at that young age. Randy was given a space where he did his production, and during his free time, he sold the tickets to his friends; during that time, Randy was nine years old. He completed his high education and joined a college where he studied film production and direction.

At 23 years old, Douthit began his career at Portland KGW as a director. It was at the media company that Randy got an opportunity to practice his skills by producing “How Come,” which is a children’s show that won the Peabody Awards. Randy continued to grow in the industry and later hosted a morning show known as Seattle Today, which flourished during his tenure. Mr. Douthit was among the first media personalities to join CNN when it was launched. At CNN, he was the producer and the director of “Crossfire”; he was also the producer of Capital Gang, a weekly show at the international media company. Both shows won the CableAce Awards. Randy Douthit continued to climb the career ladder, and in 1985, he produced and directed Larry King, a recognized show. Randy later joined Quincy Jones entertainment. Randy is the producer and the director of Judy Justice.