Greg Blatt has had a way to redefine himself throughout his life. His career and life have had ups and downs, but he has always managed to convert his limitations into successes through determination and interpersonal skills. For instance, Blatt has served as a bartender and a CEO among the largest internet dating companies globally. Though some people have attributed his spectacular rise to luck, his character has been the determinant force for him to handle the different phases of his career.

Greg Blatt was born and grew up in a Boston suburb. He attributes his persona to his father, whom he termed a mad genius maintaining his perception of everything. Blatt initially lacked ambitions for an executive life, thus learning literature from Colgate University. After graduation, he lived off a bartending job. He later attended law school and specialized in corporate law.

Greg Blatt pursued corporate law for several years but switched to entertainment law, landing positions such as the general counsel for IAC. His leadership and problem-solving skills led to his appointment as CEO for He realized his interest in the niche and has since held different CEO positions in online dating companies.

Sharing his methods for business success, Greg Blatt notes that face meetings are essential for any project or idea. He also discloses his happiness in building relationships and comprehending people’s demands as a vital entrepreneurial trait. Blatt offers other fundamental traits, such as learning from past failures, earning him more experiences.

Greg Blatt is the former chairman and CEO of Match Group and the former CEO of Tinder. In 1990, he first graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Language, Literature, and Economics from Colgate University. He then studied and graduated with a Doctor of Law from Columbia Law School in 1995. In March 2018, his net worth stood over $220 million. Refer to this article for related information.


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