The outstanding and successful PosiGen started as a solar company in New Orleans, providing solar power to low-income earners and people of color. The PosiGen company wanted to change not only those concerns but the industry itself. These were the most affected people during the Hurricane Katrina devastation, though they were the least cared about. The 16 programs that were rolled out to bring people back to their feet were only directed towards the rich. Electricity is an integral part of livelihood and without this, these affected groups found it hard to keep going. Therefore, PosiGen was formed to provide cheap solar power. 


Be it the leasing or purchase option, clients find this a cheaper alternative. PosiGen has not only facilitated the provision of cheap power to the community. Its beneficiaries have saved on utility bills, invested in their homes, and made strides towards a brighter future. It aims to ensure families in low-to-moderate income areas have access to cheap solar power. With such an initiative, the solar power PosiGen company has managed to make a positive impact on the families it serves. Their priority is to help clients save money, and not make money out of them. Also, PosiGen aims to provide job opportunities in the regions they serve. 


The most affected groups are women and people of color. So far, the PosiGen solar power company has managed to include these people in its payroll. More than 65% of its employees are women and people of color. As such, PosiGen has managed to support growth in these communities. Such it provides cheap and reliable solar power, the clients can save money that they can use to budget other needs. Solar energy is safe, allowing the company to make a difference in the environment. 


With electricity, people can invest in technology. When a client is interested in PosiGen’s services, they request an appointment. The company has virtual meeting sessions to avoid clients to come out and waste their time, so a client doesn’t have to report to their offices to book an appointment. By discussing a client’s home electricity needs, PosiGen finds the ideal solar power to install in the home. Even though the company started in New Orleans, it has expanded its reach to other parts of New York, Louisiana, Connecticut, Florida, and New Jersey. Multiple locations have enabled the company to access so many clients in these states.