Gaming fans can quickly identify with the name Min-Liang Tan. One fact about this business icon is that gaming was not his first venture in life. Tan is a lawyer, but he decided to quit the profession to get into the gaming world. Therefore in 2005, in partnership with Robert Krakoff, he founded Razer. In the beginning, all that this renowned businessman wanted was to share his gaming passion with the world.

Min-Liang Tan wanted to get into the business as a competitor to the existing gamers. Today, Razers company has taken over the gaming world when the company was dealing in just three gaming products; software, hardware and a payment wallet. The first product that Razer, under the leadership of Min-Liang Tan, put on the market was the Boomslang Mouse. Visit this page for more information.

The features of the Boomslang Mouse

The Razer CEO developed the Boomslang Mouse with one aim, to bring improvement into speed and precision. Upon launching the mouse, Tan became more aggressive, and ever since, the success the company enjoys today can be attributed to Tan’s aggressive nature.

Over time Razers has grown from a company that only dealt in software, hardware and a payment world to providing several other products and services. During the coronavirus pandemic, Min-Liang Tan, just like other CEOs worldwide, ventured into philanthropy by making some mask donations. Another notable venture that he is looking to pursue is getting into the banking industry. Therefore, Tan is in pursuit of a Razer Banking License.

About Min-Liang Tan

In Singapore, Min Liang Tan is recognized as Singapore’s youngest self-made billionaire. He has achieved this massive success by indulging Razers in various gaming businesses. The company deals in gaming laptops, tablets, fitness bands, mice etc. In 2017, Tan decided to take Razers public by launching a Razer’s smartphone. Forbes has named Tan as Singapore’s 50 richest 2020.


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