Marwan Kheireddine is the CEO of Al Mawarid Bank located in Beirut. Al Mawarid Bank, also known as AM, is a family owned bank. He has served in the Bank in various capacities, guiding its economic growth. Marwan has also served as a Minister in the Lebanese government.

Background Information

Marwan Kheireddine was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. He built his career in business management because of his family’s background. He pursued a degree in Business Administration and Economics. Marwan Kheireddine also backed up his degree with a master’s in Business Administration. Learn more information about Marwan Kheireddine

Start of AM Bank

Marwan’s family was a popular family in his community. His grandfather was trusted by many people to safeguard valuables from the community. People came to him to place their valuables at their home. They included gold coins and money. This is where the idea of a bank was created. Marwan’s dad applied for a banking license and found AM Bank in 1980. Marwan Kheireddine started managing the bank in 1992 as a second generation of the Kheireddine family.

Work and Achievements

Marwan started lecturing at the American University of Beirut in 1993. He worked for ten years training students on the issues of business administration and economics. Marwan Kheireddine has recorded over a thousand students who have passed through his training. His gratification arises from students’ gratitude for his influence in their lives.

Marwan worked as a board member on the Beirut Stock exchange. His work entailed being a financial advisor to the chairman of the Beirut Stock Exchange. This work led him to serve on other boards. He served on the board of trustees in the University Of Beirut Business School. He has also served as a founding member of the American Community School Beirut. This allowed him to start Virgin Megastores in Lebanon. The stores created more jobs for the local youth.