There’s no doubt that the pandemic has upended our lives in countless ways, and one of the areas that’s been most affected is our work/life balance.

Thankfully, Robert McKenna III, CEO of Balance and Bliss, Inc., has shared his top tips on maintaining a healthy work/life balance in the post-pandemic landscape.

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First and foremost, McKenna recommends setting boundaries between work and home life.

It can be easy to blur the lines when you’re working from home, but creating a space where you can truly relax and disconnect from work is essential.

He also suggests scheduling regular check-ins with your supervisor or boss to ensure you’re on the same page and avoid burnout.

Robert McKenna III says he always starts his day by identifying the three most important things I need to accomplish.

Knowing what tasks are the most important and must be completed first thing in the morning is essential.

This simple rule has helped McKenna stay focused and productive and can help you do the same.

“If you start your day with the most important tasks, you’re more likely to get them done and feel a sense of accomplishment,” he says.

To have a healthy life balance, one needs to embrace change and let go of anything that no longer serves you.

It isn’t easy, but it is necessary to keep your life balanced.

By following this rule, you can ensure that you are always moving forward and that your work/life balance is always in check.

Precisely, McKenna recommends prioritizing your health and wellbeing.

Make sure to schedule time for yourself to exercise, eat healthy meals, and get enough sleep.

And finally, he advises being flexible and adaptable, as the landscape is constantly changing, and our work/life balance may need to change with it.

Thanks to McKenna’s tips, we can all enter the post-pandemic landscape with a little more peace of mind and a better sense of maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

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