Coronavirus pandemic was tough for everyone globally, Milwaukeeans included. People lost jobs and their loved ones. The underserved communities and first responders to the pandemic were mainly exposed. Therefore, they needed immediate attention to stop the fast spread of the virus. One of the charities that responded to the situation was the family-owned business, Rebel Reform (executive director is Loretta Kryshak). The company is known for manufacturing wipes. However, with the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, the firm extended its operations to manufacture facemasks. Since the material used to make wipes was the same as that used to make N95 facemasks, it resolved to make masks to help the needy in the community.

All the members of the family-owned business participated in the philanthropic initiative. Their son, Thaddeus, came up with the idea of making facemasks from the material used to make wipes. He has a degree in physics and engineering and used the knowledge and skills to make the vision come true. Also, their daughter, Violet, was responsible for the marketing campaign. She organized the social media campaign Rebel She used the social media campaign to gain volunteers. Also, the campaign was used to provide public awareness of using masks and preventing the spread of the virus.

Loretta Kryshak ensured that the initiative was a success. Rebel Reform confirmed that they partnered with reliable volunteers. These volunteers would distribute the facemasks to where they are required. The initial target was to manufacture 2.5 million facemasks. However, the campaign outperformed and manufactured 1.5 million more.

Some of the company’s volunteers included Medical College of Wisconsin, Just One More Ministry, Habitat for Humanity, and other non-profit organizations. Also, the company received the Gwen T. Jackson Award from United Way. They liked the initiative that the Loretta Kryshak’s did to help the needy during the pandemic.