Since its initiation in 2004, LifeWave has produced patented health products that help people to have more strength and energy, reduced stress, better sleep, mental acuity, youthful feeling, and enhanced skin appearance.

Their products also help in reducing body fats and pain. LifeWave’s mission is to help people look younger, feel better, and live joyfully.

Its CEO and founder is David Schmidt, who has over 30 years of product and business development expertise.

LifeWave Reviews’ commitment to innovation of products earned them the DSA Ethos Award of 2015. The company also received a Theta technology patent from USPTO (The United States Patent Office).

The company’s approach to enhancing your quality of life is by increasing your nutrients levels. USPTO issued another patent that offered more coverage of LifeWave Reviews technology.

Due to the company’s excellent work in alleviating suffering and pain for Veterans, MOPH (Military Order of the Purple Heart) honored it.

California Miramar University awarded LifeWave with Small Business Spotlight Award due to its presence in more than 100 countries.

LifeWave collaborates with major medical facilities and universities to test and research how effective their products are.

The company validates the health benefits of the products through controlled studies, general research reports, and published scientific papers.

David created a patch called the Energy Enhance Patch after working on a project that focused on stimulating energy levels in individuals who worked for US Navy.

The patch stimulates the production of energy in your body through the utilization of reflected light wavelengths.

Energy production does not use any harmful pharmaceuticals, and it helps in promoting athletic endeavors.

The company is currently offering a new patch called X39. This patch elevates copper peptide, which activates the activity of stem cells.

The increased activity allows the stem cells to depict more benefits on your health including, reduced inflammation, pain relief, and improved wound healing. X39 is just one of the many patches that the company has developed.

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