Laura McQuade has always been an individual capable of finding solutions in a crisis. She is a renowned advocate on matters of comprehensive healthcare. Most of her advocacy is done through Planned Parenthood of New York. Her focus on this industry has struck the attention of others, leading to her being listed as a powerful woman in New York. In recent times comprehensive healthcare has been in crisis, and instead of Laura giving up, she decided to look for another way to move forward. The new way for her was the formation of a merger.

Before the crisis, which has been brought about by banning abortions and reduced funding, Laura McQuade used to run Planned Parenthood of New York on a 54 million USD budget. The merger has doubled this amount to 110 million USD. With the amount of money, Laura McQuade and her partners who have come together to form Planned Parenthood of Greater New York are likely to become strong and push for various policies with ease.

The partnership means many things for Laura McQuade; first, it means access to comprehensive healthcare by most people living in Greater New York. Planned Parenthood of Greater New York will enable her to reach service to 200,000 people. Second, the partnership is a chance for Laura McQuade to employ over 900 people. The remarkable thing about the new partnership is the number of facilities it will introduce into the region. With an estimation of 28 facilities in number, Laura McQuade can comfortably serve 200,000 people in a year.

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