Krishen Iyer, MAIS CEO is a lecturer of economics from the University of London, India. His books have garnered him acclaims and distinctions for his teachings on corporate governance and securities markets. He has also been involved in boardroom consultations with over 150 companies across multiple industries like: banking sector, insurance sector, energy sector, infrastructure development company and others. In 2016, Iyer was recognized as the Top Entrepreneurial Thought Leader by INC 5000: The World’s Most Influential Business’ People Awards. As a result of his influence in the field he has received numerous awards such as: ‘Global Economic Professor’, ‘Asia’s Most Inspiring Leaders’, etc. He is also the chairman of our management consulting firm, Krishen Iyer Consulting, which has been established in 2002.

Krishen Iyer aims to make a positive contribution towards the development of our country with corporate governance and business management being the core principles to his outreach. While he carries this out he will be carrying on with his research works, mentoring, conducting workshops, conferences and speeches and publishing more books.

In more recent times he is also an active supporter of humanitarian causes and has been working for Indian NGO, The Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP). He has worked closely with SERP in several initiatives that include financial assistance to poor farmers who cannot afford seeds and fertilizers; education to girls in rural areas; health awareness projects for villagers and female education campaigns. He is also a great supporter of Nirmalay Foundation where he advocates the importance of sustainable development.