Joseph Ashford is a famous businessman majorly known for being the pioneer of the K4 Global firm situated in London. He stands out among the many successful businessmen in London mainly due to his helping nature. Furthermore, Joseph is known to have invented a foundation to help out children suffering from epidermolysis bullosa. The foundation goes by the name The Butterfly Foundation. Joseph Ashford is an excellent example of a guy who went against all odds to make his dream a reality. Despite the tough childhood he went through, he still made it in life. All the setbacks Joseph Ashford had encountered have always remained a steering force to keep on with the dream.


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In the K4 Global firm, Joseph Ashford firmly believes in team spirit. His team is made up of ambitious and diligent individuals who push forward daily to realize the firm’s vision. With the help of the group, a client’s needs are upheld. This is only possible because they take their time to examine the customer’s requirements thoroughly. For the past six years that the firm has existed, it has dramatically evolved and is still very promising. Joseph laid quite an impressive foundation with his firm. Every person who joins the team on the firm for work is fully aware of the principles that govern it. From the goals, attitude, behavior, and values, the employees are fully informed of what is expected of them and what they ought to do and more

Joseph Ashford has made it his obligation even to surpass his clients’ requirements. This is also something he always expects his employees to stick by. Regularly, Joseph meets up with his employees for discussions to ensure things are right. Joseph’s primary focus is always on making society better. By this, he also ensures the environment is well taken care of, for instance, when he cut down paper usage at the firm.

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