Jonas Lauren Norr is successful in his career attributed of his knowledge, work ethic, and integrity. The top-notch entrepreneur understands business excellence by creating performance through his innovative explorations. In 2020, the top-notch leader was recently appointed to the Board of Directors for Crest resources by the management. The company, led by CEO Michael Collins, is happy to announce the coming in of the envisioned transformer. 


Crest Resources has mainly focused on creating its niche through various approaches in mining exploration, among others. The key appointment will strengthen its relationship with Ethos Real Assets, founded by Jonas Lauren Norr. Based in San Francisco, the company has mastered its art in delivering to the consumers through the most profound innovations. In exploring its market potential, crest Resources has signed a Memorandum of Understanding, notably referred to as JV, to help the venture grow into other market portfolios.


Ethos Real Assets has focused on delivering to its consumers through its integration of technologies. Therefore, the successful development of the two equities will help other processes break the solution in other fields. Among them, they include Agriculture, energy, and many more. Further, the founder of Ethos Real Assets, Jonas Lauren Norr, comes in handy. His focus on committing to innovative solutions will profoundly cut an edge for a successful venture. Its key drive for the partnership will hugely support the industry for exploration with the support of other technologies, including robotics chemistry, among further research. The MOU is expected to locate close to $4 million shares to the San Francisco-based company.


 His high rich background in education also encompasses his culmination to success. The game-changer exemplarily performed well at the Stanford Research Institute. Later on, he went on to experience the field through his earned skills in different companies. Jonas Lauren Norr worked diligently to legacy in the foundation of other companies in the world of business. They include Qoo Energy and Nexcentrica Capital Partners, among others.


The remarkable entrepreneur is also diversified in business. He has brought his A-game by a revolution in the field through his interest in media, energy, and other prolific initiations in different sectors. His ability to grow business has been seen through his other positions in other companies. Jonas Lauren Norr has hugely participated in companies like Spacefund, among others. His successful ventures have been featured in various magazines among other organizations in the country.


In creating a profound business, the exceptional entrepreneur has also focused his expertise on other startups. Jonas Lauren Norr has been on various platforms around the globe to offer his entrepreneurial success tips, especially with the keenness of technology, among other aspects. The businessman is also active on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.