Despite making it in the entrepreneurial endeavors, John Ritenour knows what it is to lack necessities like electricity through insightful experience where he grew up. Growing up in Pittsburgh, he saw families struggle too, but he worked with grit and the need to be better through his resilience. Creating his company has become among the largest ways of incorporating philanthropy with a mission to compassion. He has created a good reputation to uplift those who need his assistance in the best way possible.

Insurance of Office of America with its huge growth and success with good relationships with dates many years back has afflicted on the rise of 5k events. Since then, the event has now been branded as the IOA Corporate 5k, which has led its party in charities. The so-called largest party in Orlando has actively been held frequently in Orlando through John Ritenour help to combine philanthropy with competition for participants. The event is graced by many individuals, including the business community, and through the main awards, including Team spirit, been appreciated by many. In addition, they have generated funds to feed the local charities, which include the Christian service center, Track Shack Youth Foundation, among many others.

His company has been at the helm to accommodate all the employees. During John Ritenour’s tenure in the company, he gave a platform for his producers to grow. Their success and openness were through giving them an independent business commission structure that enlisted their roles and would cut upon them to clients. The feeling of ownership in the company and the great privilege saw a rise of entrepreneurs. There are over 1000 associates, with the Insurance Office Of America branching out in the international market.

IOA has also given back to the IOA foundation, which has scaled up giving help to children, among others. The company has also partnered with other organizations to better social services, financial empowerment, among others. Retirement of John Ritenour in 2018 paved more time for building his philanthropy legacy .

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