ClearObject is a company firmly focused on the future. The company primarily works with a technology called the Internet of Things (IoT). Some of their clients include Roche and even Rolls Royce. The fact that they cover such diverse industries highlights just how versatile the IoT really is. ClearObject has also given some suggestions for companies mapping out a strategy that incorporates the Internet of Things. The company puts particular emphasis on the fact that the groundwork for the Internet of Things is already available within most people’s lives. From the boardroom to the bedroom, everyone is already using networked devices.

Even our vehicles typically feature network access of one sort or another. The ubiquity of networking capability is part of what makes a future with the IoT so certain. All of these devices have the capability to do more for both companies and customers alike. Likewise, they’re all generating a wealth of data. This can provide companies with information about how customers relate to a product. The data in any given home network can also be used to improve customer loyalty. It’s simply a matter of leveraging that potential by incorporating the IoT into products and services. The company points out that the real-time data provided by the IoT can also work as a risk management system.

For example, a wide variety of factors can lead to a product’s general decline over time. It’s obviously concerning if a customer is continuing to use a product whose functionality has declined. This isn’t just a matter of lowered satisfaction either. A potentially malfunctioning product brings about all manner of serious concerns. But if the product is connected to the Internet of Things then it can simply self-report damage or potential issues. With all of these benefits, it’s clear that the Internet of Things is the future of business. And ClearObject has already mastered this technology in the here and now. Additionally, they’re helping a wide range of other businesses incorporate the Internet of Things into their own business strategy.