Hassan Jameel is a visionary leader serving as the vice chairman and president of Abdul Latif Jameel (ALJ), a globally diversified firm that originated in Saudi Arabia. ALJ has expanded its operations into more than 30 countries in more than 75 years. Hassan aims to re-invent the family-owned business through digitized strategies and a wealth of data to ensure that it satisfies the millennials’ needs. See Also: https://www.communityjameel.org/team/hassan-jameel

Throughout its history, ALJ has been quick in integrating technological advancements and innovations. Part of the essential pillars of its strategic framework has been digital transformation. Hassan Jameel says that “data is an integral part of the digital age and is working on ensuring that ALJ aligns itself to this thought. He is creating strategies for smooth digitization streamlining in all aspects of the business, focusing on customer services and any other areas that benefit from enhanced data interpretation.

Abdul Latif Jameel’s new business-to-business platform caters to its vehicle parts and is one of its latest technological advancements. After this, it will have a similar platform catering to consumers. These platforms will integrate all the company’s data over the years, allowing them to plan inventory better, save costs, forecast fluctuations, and build a data-centric culture. Jameel is optimistic that effective data utilization will enhance its problem-solving capacity across all its operations.

Though ALJ digitization was ongoing before the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation accelerated the integration of the plan. An example is the vehicle home deliveries and virtual showrooms that allowed remote viewings. Hassan Jameel adds that the customers are changing how they shop and are informed about the cars they want to buy before going into the showroom. Most customers will soon need to view cars in a virtual showroom before making a deposit. Therefore, digitization is necessary for any business that wants to flourish.