Haroldo Jacobovicz gave an interview recounting the birth of his company among other highlights from his career. He stated how Horizons Telecom was galvanized by a previous failure. When Microsystems, a company Haroldo Jacobovicz started with three college friends, folded due to lack of clientele, he ventured off into software development. Upon seeing how a strong telecommunications network could improve businesses, the idea for his company took root. Haroldo Jacobovicz shared how being actively present during his day helps him achieve maximum productivity. Whether it’s tackling the business of the day or building bonds with team members, this contributes to the projects that they work on. Once these ideas take hold, Jacobovicz speaks with experts to help him understand the best way to tackle the scenario. A recent idea that he believes in is the monthly subscription model. He feels it leads to quality service while allowing the customer to free themselves if they choose.

Haroldo Jacobovicz maintained that reading is a cornerstone to being a successful entrepreneur. He makes an effort to stay abreast of things happening not only in his industry but also in the world at large. He would tell his younger self to spend more time studying since he felt the need to make money for his family once he was in college. He also feels studying abroad and learning another language would have brought another asset into his portfolio as a businessman.

Haroldo Jacobovicz said that learning as much as possible helps solidify your business strategies. Because there are unknowns, you’re able to plan for the future. Any mistakes you make can be used to reach milestones if you study what doesn’t work along with what does. The amount of experience you obtain tackling different areas of business also gives you the ability to avoid mistakes.