Haroldo Jacobovicz is an engineer who was born and raised in Curitiba and spent four and a half years at the Federal University of Parana. Haroldo Jacobovicz grew up to have a passion for and an extensive knowledge of civil engineering.

However, he has never been your average Joe when it comes to civil engineering and technology. In the 80’s, Haroldo Jacobovicz founded his first company, Horizons Telecom. Horizons Telecom is a telecommunications carrier located in eastern and Midwestern US. Since 1990, Haroldo Jacobovicz has led several companies in Information Technology and all things related to hardware and software.

Jacobovicz grew up in an extremely intelligent household full of civil engineers and tech savvy individuals. He was very inspired by his family bonds and decided to keep up the streak by expanding his own knowledge and utilizing it. Given his unusual and interesting combination of militaristic background skill and his smarts with tech related material, Jacobovicz decided to put his experience to use by getting together with a group of friends and creating Microsystem, a company whose intention was to provide stores, pharmacies and other markets with automated cash and inventory. However, Microsystem shut down in less than a year because people weren’t prepared for such a high-tech advancement.

Jacobovicz, however, was unfazed by this. He continued to build businesses based around his passion and knowledge. Today, he is rightfully swimming in success, and is still as passionate about marketing and technology as he was when he was growing up. Go Here for related Information.