Georgette Mulheir has held many prestigious positions since 2001, including running the G-8 Haiti Child Fund, founding director of Human Rights for Children, and author of ‘A Girl Called Georgette: Tapping into the Power of Diverse Voices.’ She has played a leading role in restoring at least 24,000 children from the horrific effects of war, human trafficking, and sexual exploitation since 2012. Georgette Mulheir has been campaigning globally to stop the scourge of human trafficking, which has seen an estimated 40 million people become victims of the crime. Georgette founded HOPE Kids International, a human rights organization based in Haiti and dedicated to protecting and advocating for Haitian children and families. 


In 2016, Mulheir was awarded a Youth Innovator award by the Obama Administration, to support the leadership of Human Rights Activists in Haiti. She has also been selected by the Haitian Consulate in Washington D.C., to be its national youth ambassador. Georgette has worked in her home country as a labor and gender activist. In 2008, she served as the president of the Haitian committee against sexual harassment, gender violence and violence against children. She has served on the directors’ board for the Coalition of Haitian Women, as well as a member of the Haitian People’s Alliance and the Héritage de la Résistance (Georgettemulheir).


With the help of international support and generous donations from private citizens, such as yours truly, Georgette has successfully created the Haitian Center for Child Welfare and Protection (CCW), which is based in a former cattle compound outside of Port-au-Prince, and has been helping more than 3,500 families in need of support, reunification and legal representation. Mulheir explains the importance of not ignoring these terrible cases, but tackling child exploitation with as much force as possible, and becoming part of a solution. Georgette Mulheir said, “When I went to Haiti in 2014, I was looking for a change by helping Haiti. The timing was perfect.” “The stories have taught me a lot. We should stop viewing our lives as being full of “one success after another” when we’re surrounded by so much suffering.”


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