Gary McGaghey is the Chief Financial Officer of Tag located in London England. He has been the CFO since September 2019 with responsibilities to include end-to-end marketing. Gary McGaghey has worked in a variety of positions prior to joining Tag such as serving as the CFO to Nelsons, Unilever and working as the CFO for Robertsons Foods. He has received education in the accounting industry and holds licenses and certifications specifically geared for the accounting field. The traditional competition for PE (price-earnings ratio) deals has been increasingly adding pressure to asset managers. Insurance companies have more interested in increasing their PE’s in insurance products such as life insurance, long-term insurance, and annuities. This helps provide a more stable future to individuals and the private equity firms can help by increasing a higher asset return on those insureds. Asset under management is another term used among financial officers to help increase the total market value of investment portfolios. These AUMs generate fees to provide more capital to the insurance company. There are several key drivers to help portfolios increase to include adding SPAC’s which help create more opportunities for capital such as a lot of interest rates. Since many businesses have certain focuses to increase their net worth a long-term solution is key to success such as investing in green energy. Gary McGaghey has worked diligently to increase client portfolios for several large corporations to include Lipton, Pepsi and helped these companies join forces to provide excellent products to the customer base and build upon their portfolio.