Quentin Flannery continues to give back to the community. Flannery has long made waves in the resources and energy sector. He knows the importance of guiding others in the process. Part of his ability to give back is showcased with the Quentin Flannery Resources Scholarship. Students are given the chance to get personal mentoring from Quentin Flannery. This only applies if they are able to demonstrate that they have a feasible plan to attack challenges. These obstacles rest in the mining sector as it pertains to technological changes. Students who receive the scholarship will be granted $5,000 towards their tuition. The scholarship isn’t the only way Flannery has been giving back. 


Brian and Peggy Flannery created the Flannery Foundation back in 2010. Quentin serves as the foundation’s Director. The foundation makes contributions to many charities in Australia. The Flannery Foundation aims to assist those struggling with homelessness. The foundation also aids women and children who have gone through abuse. Flannery says that keeping organizations afloat is a top priority. He aims to ensure the charities are sustainable year-over-year (Actforkids). 


Quentin Flannery’s expertise and experience have led him to key positions. The successful investor and entrepreneur has a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies. Quentin Flannery attended the Queensland University of Technology. He went on to become a marketing manager at Yancoal Australia Limited. At the time, Quentin Flannery was one of Australia’s youngest marketing managers in the coal sector. Yancoal was able to break through as the top producer of pure-play coal in Australia. On top of that, Flannery is also the Director of a hedge fund, Elysian Capital. Weather-based commodity trading is the focus of Elysian Capital. 


The Australian Institute of Company Directors enlists the services of Flannery as well. In fact, many startup companies have him on staff. These days, startups are focused on bringing in experienced industry leaders. The reason for this is to limit mistakes in the early going of the business. It’s also done in an effort to lure potential clients. According to Quentin Flannery, giving them peace of mind that your company has people with expertise is a plus.Flannery has paved the way for many people in his field. Not only is he one of the most recognizable names in the coal sector, but he’s a philanthropist. For Flannery, mentoring is the best way to keep the cycle going strong. Giving back to those in need also makes for a more enjoyable environment for everyone, as Flannery will attest.