Eterneva seeks to ease the grieving process by converting a portion of a loved ones’ ashes into a diamond. Adelle Archer, CEO and Co-Founder of the grief and wellness start-up wants to change the culture on death and grief. Inspired by the loss of a loved one, Adelle took her company from a normal jewel company into a remembrance company. Using modern technology, the carbon is removed from the ashes of a loved one or pet and grown into a diamond over the course of several months. This diamond can be fully customized by color, size, and even inscription. Learn more on their facebook

This unique business idea has been sought out by the best of the best investors. Mark Cuban invested in Eterneva on the hit show Shark Tank. The venture was not funded from the beginning. The company was bootstrapped and raised all of its own money without the help of investors during the start-up phase before moving on to open investment rounds. Since the company was founded in 2016, they have raised over $4.8 Million, including $1.8 million from their 2019 seed investor and angel investor rounds. The money is being used to expand their laboratory in Autin, Texas. The company has three labs around the globe with the first being in Austin, and the other two located in Germany and Switzerland.

This company takes a unique approach to its marketing. Eterneva focuses on building its brand and its customer experience. They rely on words of mouth from a positive experience to provide new clientele. When a client knows of a friend or family member who lost a loved one or pet, they will recommend that they go through the same process to turn their ashes into an eternal remembrance. The end result of the process will result in an anchor item that can make the family member feel close to a lost loved one.