Don Manifold of Adelaide is the company’s CEO building a safety system that can improve the safety of autonomous vehicles.

Don Manifold is an engineer who graduated with honors and has over 20 years of experience in civil engineering. He currently serves as the CEO of a company called M2M-Connect Pty Ltd, which is set on providing the public with tools to increase safety levels in driverless cars. It includes technology that will keep drivers engaged and attentive before it becomes too dangerous to do so.

With more than 20 years of experience as an engineer, he has helped oversee projects for clients around South America and the Asia Pacific, including civil engineering services such as design, construction management, project development, and transaction advisory services.

Don Manifold of Adelaide is also the Chief Technical Officer of M2M-Connect Pty Ltd and the Managing Director of its sister company, Pty Ltd. He is also a mentor for the Accelerate Tec Ventures program, where he helps guide other entrepreneurs through getting their ideas to market.

The technology his company is developing will allow the car to monitor how long the driver’s head has been away from the road, and if it senses that it has been too long, it will sound an alarm. It followed a study found that more than half of drivers check their phones when they should be focusing on the road.

He is also developing a system for autonomous cars to indicate with bright lights if there is something in their way so as not to cause accidents or injuries. No countries are working internationally to make laws regarding this technology, though some companies have begun testing in this field. Volvo recently said they would install this technology on all their vehicles by 2020. The world is moving towards making cars safer, and driverless cars will make this possible through developing new technology. Go Here for related Information.