Grand Rapids, Michigan is one of those communities that many people love. This tight knit community lies in the heart of one of the most vibrant areas of the Midwest. As such, it serves as crossroads for many activities. People from the surrounding areas come here to engage in many activities including attending concerts and shopping. For Dick DeVos, this community has long been his home. He has done much to make living here a lot easier. That is why Dick DeVos is pleased to be part of additional efforts to invite more people to enjoy the pleasures of this city. For him, the goal is to keep in mind efforts to encourage growth while also keeping to the kind of small town feel that he and his family have enjoyed so much. This is why he is very active in the community. He knows he can make a real difference.


Providing Help


Dick DeVos has been helping residents of Grand Rapids figure out a way to make their lives better. One of his many initiatives is Grand Action. This is intended as a way to manage growth in the area more efficiently. He wants to work to help create places to enjoy in the area while also making sure such growth does not compromise the region’s essential charm. Grand Rapids has a metropolitan area of over a million people. As such, it is one place that can bring in lots of people for a single event. At the same time, this can mean lots of traffic that residents don’t want. With his help, it has been possible to manage this growth in a very intelligent way that takes many competing interests into account. The net result is a thriving city that is better because Dick DeVos has helped it.