Carl DaikelerFor many people, self-confidence and body weight go hand in hand. More than half of Americans are overweight or obese, and the extra weight often makes people feel ashamed, embarrassed or uncomfortable in their own skin. Carl Daikeler’s life’s work is to change that. He co-founded Beachbody so that people could lose weight, get fit and grow their own confidence and sense of worth.

Carl Daikeler’s career began in television production. He served as a producer of halftime shows for the NFL for five years. For another 10 years, he produced infotainment and infomercials. His work in that niche of media introduced him to digital storytelling and capturing the attention of an audience from a far distance.

Many of the products in the infomercials Daikeler produced were for weight loss, health or fitness. He related that to the growing number of overweight people in the USA. He also observed that many people wanted to get fit, but the process wasn’t necessarily convenient. Driving to the gym might not be an option for someone who works at two jobs, has work and school or who has young children in the home. In 1998, Carl Daikeler co-founded Beachbody so that people could enjoy a more convenient way to exercise.


The idea behind the Beachbody exercise program is that it can be done at home, at any time with no equipment. The program launched with a set of 12 DVDs, and each workout consisted of up to 30 minutes of exercise. It was ideal for beginners and moderately fit people alike. Popularity of the program soared, and soon Daikeler was producing dozens of videos each year. The program’s options grew to include high-intensity workouts, interval training, resistance training, yoga and more. In 2015, he added a subscription service for on-demand digital access.

Shakeology entered the Beachbody program in 2009. It’s Daikeler’s answer to the problem of nutritional gaps in the American diet. Shakeology is a protein powder that users turn into a shake. Just one serving of Shakeology has more than half of an adult’s recommended fiber. Its satisfying flavors curb cravings for sweets.