In the corporate community, Bhanu Choudhrie is termed as one of the best and most successful professionals. The Indian executive, entrepreneur, investor and business owner began his academic journey in Boston University in England.

The Choudhrie family had moved from India to search for better opportunities for the family. While in London, everyone decided that going to the prestigious schools in this part of the world was the best decision. Bhanu Choudhrie extended his studied all the way to America by attending the Harvard Business School.

With the knowledge received from these two universities, Bhanu began his private organization, the C & C Alpha Group, based in England too. The new organization, however, did not limit its operations to just the investments in London. With good networks in India, the business identified amazing opportunities in this part of the country to get new customers.

C & C Alpha Group helped to create the Alpha Aviation Group years later too. Alpha Aviation Group turned out to be famous and one of the best platforms to train pilots in the global arena.

The primary goal of the Bhanu Choudhrie aviation group was to start addressing the great shortages of professionals in aviation. The global community, with all the available airline companies available, was not in a position to handle the required pilots. People would get delayed in the airport after booking tickets because there was no pilot on the ground to make the journey fast.

Bhanu Choudhrie training was a wakeup call to the international community. The aviation market soon began to realize they had not worked on adjusting to technology changes like many other modern industries. The MLP training issued by Bhanu was an eye opener to millions of people using airline services. The company training new pilots has received thousands of pilots, showing that many people enjoy working in this exciting industry.

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