Alexander PayneAlexander Payne was born in 1961 to George and Peggy in Nebraska, on 10th February. George, the dad owns and runs a Greek restaurant and Peggy was a languages professor. Alexander Payne was the last born in the family and so grew up together with his two brothers in Omaha District, near the home of Warren Buffet, a famous investor in the nation.

George Payne’s origin dates back to Germany and Greece and Peggy’s ancestors emerged from Greece. The name Papadopoulos was changed to Payne by Nick, the paternal grandfather. George Payne’s family restaurant called The Virginia Café had become a landmark in Omaha, but it was demolished by a fire outbreak in 1969.

Alexander Payne went to a high school called Creighton Prep and finished in 1979, after which he authored a certain humor write-up for a student newspaper that made him win the editor of the year. After high school, Payne enrolled at Stanford University to study History and Spanish and finished in 1984 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Payne had a perfect run in the degree program because he even went to Spain to study at the Salamanca University. On graduating, Alexander moved to Columbia.

In Alexander’s youthful days, Kraft Foods awarded George an 8-mm film projector because of his loyalty. Later, George gave the award to Alexander, and this created an immeasurable desire to explore film-making. After the Columbia stint, Alexander went back to California to join a highly rated film school called UCLA and completed it in 1990.

The first senior film was called The Passion of Martin that went a long way in being appreciated by the top industry specialists because it even featured in a certain festival and got a Universal Pictures deal, but they did not produce films together.

Alexander Payne

Alexander was hired in several institutions but he partnered with Jim Taylor to make a film called Citizen Ruth in 1996. The partnership also made massive success in 1999 by producing Election, a film that starred Reese Witherspoon and Matt Broderick. Alexander had a perfect artistic career because since then he produced the following films; About Schmidt, Sideways, The Descendants, Nebraska, and Downsizing.