Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger Dallas has achieved double-digit growth in the past 40 years. It has withstood a series of booms and depressions in the oil and gas industry and maintained trustworthiness and cooperation with investors. The spirit of the partnerships has also pushed the firm to another level.

The energy sector has remained among the most difficult to run over the years. For decades, Matthew Fleeger has been driving the growing business prospects of the Gulf Coast Western. One of the most famous expansion efforts in the western Gulf Coast region is acquiring a 50% stake in the commercial assets of Dallas-based Northcote Energy Ltd. The acquisition allows both companies to use the Matthew Fleeter Gulf Coast Western capital and expertise to expand Northcote’s exploration scope and accelerate development in southwestern Louisiana.

Gulf Coast Western continues to expand its business in southwestern Louisiana by acquiring many assets of Orbit Energy Partners LLC in Lafayette. According to the agreement, the intellectual property rights acquired by the firm include technologically advanced 3D seismic data from oil fields within hundreds of square miles in the southwest state.

The Orbit Energy Partners transaction also gives the Matthew Fleeger Dallas company control of 13 production wells with proven reserves of 390 million barrels and 140 other wells with the potential to increase by 30 million barrels. After the deal with Orbit Energy, Gulf Coast Western reached a partnership agreement with Warhorse Oil and Gas, which manages most of the wells in the Orbit Energy field.

Under the leadership of Matthew Fleeger, the company has done everything it can to ensure America’s energy independence, downturn protection, and quantifiable partner profitability. Gulf Coast Western is a family business, but Matthew Fleeger has to date, played a vital role to ensure it continues leading. Fleeger founded and established his companies, including MedSolutions, a medical waste treatment company, before 30 to prove himself. After 13 years of founding, Fleeger sold his shares in the company for $59 million.

Matthew Fleeger

During this time, Matthew Fleeger demonstrated that he could run an ethical, profitable business and gained a reputation for understanding the talents of the company’s employees and improving employees’ careers.