Robinson HelicopterRobinson Helicopter Company, based in Torrance, California, has been in operation since 1973. In its nearly fifty-year history, Robinson Helicopter Company has produced low-cost acquisition models, such as its first helicopter, the two-place piston-powered R22. Due to their affordable price point, Robinson Helicopter models became popular with flight schools and private owners.

The company saw the expansion of its offerings with the introduction of the R44 in 1992, and the R66 in 2010. Each of these models brought its own unique set of advantages to the helicopter-flying public, such as the capacity to fly at high altitudes and elevated temperatures. Research and development continue to be at the core of the mission of Robinson Helicopter Company. The team is continually pushing to improve its product. Some of its latest innovations are in the field of glass avionics and in helicopter-specific autopilot technology.

Quality is paramount to the company, so they build, assemble and flight test all its helicopters at their Torrance, California factory. Their philosophy involves manufacturing many of its own parts with its highly-skilled workers. In addition to building new helicopters, they maintain a worldwide network of service providers to support and service its older models.

Robinson Helicopter

Founded by Frank Robinson, a recipient of the Lifetime Aviation Engineering Award from Living Legends of Aviation, as well as an inductee into the Aviation Legend Hall of Fame in the San Diego Air & Space Museum and the recipient of the Daniel Guggenheim Medal from American Helicopter Society International, the company continues carrying out its vision of creating high-quality, affordable, reliable helicopters nearly fifty years after its founding.