Together with his wife Shay, Jason Hughes has for the last 20 years championed the property development sector across San Diego. Before going solo, he first ventured into the business as an employee at Cushman & Wakefield based in Los Angeles. Jason Hughes moved to San Diego, where he represented non-profit municipal tenants, including corporates on their leasing and selling negotiations for close to three decades. Based in San Diego, Hughes Marino, owned by Jason Hughes, is one of the most prominent tenant representatives with offices across the country. 


As the leading company owners in the business, Jason and his wife have dedicated their lives to offer their clients some of the best services in the region. They guarantee quick results to their customers with some sense of touch. With their perfect name surpassing their tenant expectations, Jason Hughes opened the first legislation for tenants. The legislation was named the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill. It later got signed into law in 2014 by Governor Brown.


The law was then put into practice for the first time in January 2015. The law boosts transparency for both parties (tenant and landlord) in California by using a written agreement whereby a broker represents both parties. In the recent past, the successful entrepreneur has conducted transactions and leases to the tune of millions of square feet. Jason Hughes has a record on his name as the most prominent tenant lease negotiator across Downtown San Diego, UTC, Carmel Valley, and Sorrento Mesa for more than thirty years. This has earned him a place among the preeminent property development experts across California. 

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