The humanitarian and political crisis in Haiti has gone for long without getting not noticed by the world. Global activists and human rights defenders such as Georgette Mulheir are aware of it. However, it has triggered the formation of Defend Haiti’s Democracy, and partners have formed and gathered to discuss how to get advanced solutions to the matter. Experts in the democratic body reveal that the crisis in Haiti has intensified in the past two years. It has been caused by the authoritarian president, who has strengthened his grip on power by cracking down opponents, ruling by decree, and abusing human rights. 


For Georgette Mulheir, there is no elected government or functioning parliament, and after the president term ends, he prolongs the duration. He expanded the power and reached the point of refusing to step down. A recent report released by the Haitian Human Rights and International Human Rights Clinic in Harvard Law of School shows comprehensive state-sanctioned massacres. Georgette Mulheir explains that the massacres include raping, kidnapping, and murders, which highly get targeted to all opponents of the current government.


Legal experts have sat down and analyzed the abuses against humanity presented at Crossroads in the online conference in Haiti. The global experts and Haitians will offer advanced solutions to curb the political crisis in ending the grave battle. According to the report, detailed crimes have taken place in Haiti, and the state gets the main actors. Georgette Mulheir points out that they will get liable for the crimes and get ready to get accountable, whereby doors will get opened in other countries for prosecution. The situation will even escalate to the International Criminal Court by the Un Security Council.

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