Dave AtrobusSeveral firms have been forced to adopt new Covid 19 measures the hard way to contain this deadly virus. This had to be a collaboration of several sectors, including the government and all firms. They decided to implement lockdown measures which from research helped counter the spread of the virus. Firms also had to redefine their way of working through implementing remote working. Remote working has helped ensure people isolate and quarantine themselves and remain safe from the deadly virus.

Remote working has brought many benefits not only towards company growth but also ensuring that the government manages to fight Covid19. The firms that implemented remote working have managed to continue their operations without any hindrances or the fear of contracting the virus by coming into close contact with customers and other workers. Before the pandemic outbreak, only a few firms adopted remote working, but since December 2019, when the virus rose from Wuhan, China, several firms have found it compulsory. But, not all employers are for the remote working idea, and some regard it as being a premature way of conducting things because it offers no room for collaborative work.

Dave Antrobus, the co-founder of Fresh Thinking Group, is one leader supporting Remote working and explains its benefits to firms. The primary area Dave Antrobus focuses on is software developers.

Based on reports from the co-owner of Fresh Thinking Group, some of the benefits of remote working are increased productivity, jovial developers, more savings, and learning to use remote tools. Through the research conducted by Digiterre, Dave Antrobus shows that productivity has been increased a notch higher through remote working. This is because interruptions have been limited, and people can focus on one key area.

The founder of Fresh Thinking Group, Dave Antrobus, also adds that developers enjoy working closely with their loved ones to make them feel happy. Developers working from home have also learned to use remote tools like Git and Zoom. This is based on reports from the founder and Tech Director of Fresh Thinking Group.