Rooted in the personalized care of his fellow human beings, MAKO Medical Lab’s CEO Chad Price has a long track record of providing quality medical care centered around an accomplished business acumen. Rooted in Christian and Conservative values, CEO Price began MAKO upon the realization of a large gap in accessibility and customer-centered care for patients. When Price’s sister was ill and was unable to properly find the specific medical care she needed, Price decided to upstart a medical lab that now rakes in over $200 million dollars annually. Among his largest clientele is non-profit organizations and missionaries. Through the challenges encountered in his personal life with his sister’s struggle, he has now channeled his faith in Christ into providing care for thousands of patients worldwide.

CEO Price’s rise to prominent businessman was not done through the easy routes. Instead, Price began his career working for companies dealing with traumatic scene cleanups and disaster relief. He also roots his expertise in blue-collar investments, as he is also the founder of Element Service Group Mechanical, which focuses on HVAC service and repair. Investing is also a strong suit, as he is a Board Member of Trill A.I., an investing group that consistently outperforms the market in stock trading.