Bhanu Choudhrie shocked his family when he told them that he was going to revive the financial department in the family investment. The largest bank based in India, popularly known as Punjab National Bank belonged to the Choudhrie family.

When the powerful government took this powerful investment away from the family, the elders decided that the family would not invest in the financial department ever again. The government nationalized the influential bank in 1969. The global community began facing complex issues in the finance department several years ago.

America had the toughest time, and this prompted the London venture capitalist to secure his place in this competitive market. The American financial department recovered fast, and in no time, Bhanu Choudhrie started to see results in his financial institution.

In finance, Bhanu Choudhrie is currently working with powerful figures such as Jay Sidhu. This professional has once serving as the chief executive officer of a powerful bank called Sovereign Bank two decades ago.

Jay developed this financial institution then later sold it to a powerful platform called Santander. Through New Century Bank, Bhanu Choudhrie and his new partner, Jay, have done an excellent job. The small regional bank might seem little too many people, but it has been growing and conquering markets. Bhanu might not have been ready for the venture when he established it few years ago.

His partner, however, has been very helpful, offering guidance and ensuring that the institution does not bring out losses during their operations. The Choudhrie large family have also accepted the idea created by Bhanu. Just like his other businesses, the whole family have shown support. Everyone looks forward to the day the family will be the owner of several banking facilities inside and outside the United Kingdom. Bhanu, however, has not established these services to the Indian market.

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