Stephen Bittel has participated in the commercial property business for more than 40 years. He owns and runs Terranova Corporation, a South Floridan company commanding a massive project and property portfolio worth 5B USD. Some of the company’s notable customers include; New York Life, Morgan Stanley as well as Bank of America.

Stephen Bittel is a Miami native who joined Brunswick’s Bowdoin College in Maine where he studied for an undergraduate degree. Once he graduated with an economics degree, he spared a year abroad to study under Watson Fellowship. After that, he went back home and joined Miami University for a law program.

While at the law school, Stephen opened the real estate company. Terranova Corporation that he ran from a home office. He grew this company slowly from the basic level to the top. After leaving the law college, he passed the exams and focused on this growing venture because it was his priority.

Within a short while, Terranova expanded to get a property base approximately 8M feet squared as well as operating on more than 100 shopping ventures without forgetting office structures, storage facilities, and industrial parks.

Terranova has expanded and been relevant by upholding a flexible approach drifting the attention to urban centers in regions comprising a downtown core. The markets also demonstrated a difference in living instances.

Terranova boasts of properties in famous regions like Coral Gables, as well as Miami Beach. Once the COVID-19 crisis struck, Stephen and his company have been working hard to rejuvenate the retail sections and still being vigilant to upcoming opportunities anytime they pop up.

Stephen Bittel’s Profile

Stephen Bittel created Terranova Corporation in 1980, and he has chaired and guided the firm to gain the biggest property portfolio in South Florida. The local real estate market has grown because Stephen Bittel has been glued to the region since he passionately likes serving the locals.

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