Marcio Alaor: Endeavor Report Takes Pulse of Business Climate in Brazil

In the month of December, Endeavor, a a company focused on helping entrepreneurs, released a report of the best entrepreneurial cities in Brazil. Marcio Alaor who is the executive of BMG, says the index looked at 32 cities in located throughout the country of Brazil in order to identify the most prepared cities for economic growth based on specific indexes.

Some experts highlight the importance of the report for cities that seek to improve the environment and offer optimal growing conditions for businesses. Marcio Alaor of BMG sites that the number of cities included in the index rose by more than fifty percent since the report was first released in 2014 and included commentary along with ideas on how cities can improve their business climate. The cities which are featured in the report and also large companies can profit from being included in the Endeavor index to open new branches, expand operation, seek new partnerships and improve business relations. Also, Marcio Alaor demonstrates how the index examines the strengths and weaknesses of each city using the following: Regulatory, Access to Capital, New Innovation, City Infrastructure, Human Capital and Entrepreneurship.

The highest ranked is the city of São Paulo, which has the biggest market in the Brazil and is also the headquarters of many large companies. Marcio Alaor says, according to the Index,”São Paulo contains more than 60% of all venture capital investments in Brazil”.

After Sao Paulo, the other cities included in the Endeavor report are:

2nd place – Florianopolis – Has the highest ranking in the study for the number of teachers and doctors and leading the Innovation pillar;

3rd place – Victory – This city ranked highest in the Human Capital area;

4th place – Recife – This city ranked high in human capital and has the largest number of subscribers in Technical Education and Regulatory Environment;

5th place – Campinas – This city has the 4th best infrastructure in the study and is credited for having the Viracopos airport, Brazil’s largest load center and has a big opportunity to be the largest in Latin America.

The executive directors of Banco BMG illustrate that the Endeavor report has, as noted in the the report, an interest in encouraging cities which were included in the report to make structural improvements and become better suited for the establishment and growth of new companies and improve local business conditions. The research report, as Marcio Alaor of BMG explains, is separated into four parts: Overall Ranking of the best cities to operate a business in Brazil using a pillar ranking system.

Marcio Alaor is the vice-president at Banco BMG. He is a highly regarded businessman in Brazil and has successful business ventures in Brazil around the globe. Alaor was conceived in the small town of Santo Antonio do Monte and is a prominent figure at the mining bank BMG.

Wells Fargo Bank Settles Lawsuit for $162 Million

Wells Fargo Bank has settled a law suit brought against it by the United States Department of Justice as a result of mismanaged mortgage lending practices which resulted in billions of dollars of loans going bad which were insured by the U.S. Federal Housing Administration.

Wells Fargo Settles Lawsuit
At the heart of the claim by the United States Department of Justice is Well’s Fargo practice of qualifying loans for home mortgages despite the criteria by FHA which would have disqualified many of the approved mortgages. Wells Fargo was the last major bank to settle with the Federal government regarding the bank’s lending practices. Other major banks such as Bank of America N.A., JP Morgan Chase Bank and Citi Group Bank have already settled similar law suits with the U.S. Department of Justice.

It is widely held that the activities of these banks was a major element in the global market crash of 2008. Others like Jon Urbana believe that the bank’s lending practices went unchecked and unreported for several years. It was not until the crash of the 2008 that the role of the banks became apparent.

While the $1.2 Billion settlement amount may seem large, some advocacy groups believe that it is a minor cost of doing business expense for so called “Too Big to Fail” banks which hold billions in assets as well as trillions in derivatives.

Autism Rocks Solo Capital

A London based hedge fund management company is making huge sums of money through betting on the sovereign markets of Europe and has left the founder richer than he ever was with a sum of 27 million pounds as it is now one of the biggest probable windfall in this present year. The 43 three year old boss of the company by the name Yan Huo is the boss and founder of the Capula Investment company has taken the payments into the bank as one of the portion of the 92 million pounds bonus of the project that was the amount that the firm received and was therefore shared between the firm’s top 18 executives in the year that ended in March 2011.

The Knightsbridge based investment company’s latest investment accounts have been showing how the income has doubled in the previous year from a sum of not more than sixty nine point five million pounds to now a sum of one hundred and thirty five million pounds and that is very remarkable. The profits of operation have now hiked from a sum of 92.6 million pounds down from a sum of fifty seven million pounds this previous year.

Another hedge fund management company supreme that has been able to enjoy these portions of money is the Sanjah Shah Company hedge fund management called the Solo Capital that is based in the city. He also paid himself an amount that does not reduce nineteen million pounds from the year to march 2011.

Solo capital is a London based hedge fund management. It is a financial management company that has its headquarters in London. England. It is therefore regulated and authorised by the government of United Kingdom. It was founded in 2011 September on the thirteenth date of that month and year. It was then registered and licensed by a government office that was in London. The company has not more than three directors that oversee the business of the company. Mr. Sanjay Shah is the founder and the first director for his hedge fund management company.

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Autism Rocks: A New Charity With New Ideas

Autism Rocks is a charity that raises money for Autism research. It is different than many charities that concentrate on autism because it does not concern itself with raising money to support those affected by autism. The founder of the charity, Sanjay Shah, realized that if autism research had enough funding, the findings that they would uncover would better assist agencies that support those affected by autism.

In order to raise money, Autism Rocks promotes concerts. It does not promote the type of concerts that have thousands of attendees but rather very small and private concerts with only a few hundred people. The charity contacts very famous musicians and requests that they donate their time to put on a small show for charity. The charity then invites several hundred individuals to the show and requests that they give at least 500 pounds to the cause. Through this method, the charity has already raised several hundred thousand pounds and have hosted concerts with both Lenny Kravitz and Prince.

Sanjay Shah, the found of the charity, was born in Kenya, grew up in London and now lives with his wife and three children in Dubai. Although his background is in banking, Shah does have experience in concert promotion. During his days studying at King’s College, Shah promoted local concerts and grew a passion for it. He gave it up when he saw it would not create a big income. Then one of his children was diagnosed with autism in 2011 and, more recently, the company he started, Solo Capital, achieved such success that he was not needed on a daily basis.

With all of the newly found free time on his hands and a new cause to get behind, Shah met with Snoop Dogg and then with Done Events, a promotional company in Dubai. He decided he would pick up his old passion again, concert promotion. But this time he would do it for charity, and more specifically for autism, a new and scary disease that had just entered into his life.

Source: Global-Citizen

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