Dr. Rod Rohrich and his Plastic Surgery Career


Dr. Rod Rohrich has been responsible for accomplishing a lot in his career. Dr Rod Rohrich has discovered some of the most important advances in technology and plastic surgery techniques that have been made in the world today. Dr Rod Rohrich has spent the last twenty years bringing the most extensive growth in reconstructive surgery and beautification surgery to the University of Texas Southwestern.

As Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery, Dr Rod Rohrich and his team have brought plastic surgery to a highly advanced level. They are the best in their field when helping rejuvenate and improve one’s face and in researching how people’s faces change as they get age. Dr Rod Rohrich is also considered to be one of the best at working with treatments to attain the most natural of looks for patients.

Even though Dr. Rod Rohrich is recognized for his talents all over the world, he still feels adamantly about his belief in all patients being treated equally and has treated thousands of patients of all different color, nationality, sex,and all levels of income. Dr Rod Rohrich has patients from everyday people to business CEO’s, and helps people attain what they need in plastic surgery.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has been involved in the American Society of Plastic Surgery as their President, and also held a position of President in the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons. What a lot of people don’t know, is that Dr. Rod Rohrich is also a scientist and has been responsible for developing a lot of new technologies in plastic surgery. He has developed a new breast implant to improve the quality of breast implants women use worldwide. Dr Rod Rohrich also is proud to bring the most important writings of the Plastic Journal and Reconstructive Surgery journal to the medical community as the Editor in charge. This is a very important journal printed for people in medicine community. Dr Rod Rohrich has been named best doctor in magazines such as America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons, U.S. News & World Report, D Magazine’s Best Doctors in Dallas, Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons, America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, and Texas Monthly Super Docs. He has been a guest on television shows such as Oprah, The Today Show, and The View, and newspapers like The Dallas Morning News, Newsweek, The New York Times, CNN, and Allure.

Dr Rod Rohrich has also run a large number of symposiums on reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery including the Dallas Rhinoplasty and Cosmetic Surgery Symposium which has medical doctors in this genre gathering all over the world every year. He has also written well over 1000 papers on the science of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Jason Halpern Steams Ahead With New Developments

Jason Halpern is not slowing down. He is the founder of JMH Development, a leading real estate development company that has completed major projects across the U.S., with many in the New York and Miami areas. JMH has been led by the Halpern family for three generations, and Halpern is continuing the impressive track record in his vision of developing innovative and significant residential and commercial properties in the most desirable locations.

According to this bizjournal.com article, His latest project is going to be in South Florida. His vision calls for a luxury condo development at 300 Collins Avenue, in the southern part of Miami Beach, which will have five stories with a total of 19 units. This building was designed by Thomas Juul-Hansen, who has designed multiple projects in New York. This project will be his first in the Miami area.

The second through fifth floors are slated for residential units, while the first floor will house the lobby and other amenities. Parking will be available on the first level as an added convenience to the residences.

This property will offer units ranging from one-bedroom to four bedrooms. Some units will be duplex condos that have two stories. For those who are interested in the ultimate in luxury living, there will be three penthouses available.

According to Halpern, sales of the units are planned to be launched in the first part of March. The units will be made available exclusively by ONE Sotheby’s International Realty. Price will start at $1.2 million going up to $9 million.

Previously, Halpern partnered with PSB Capital to develop a condominium project on Indian Creek Drive in South Beach. Because there is little residential inventory in the surrounding areas, this condo project is in a prime location. The condo will have 35,000 square feet in total, and it will offer its residences with a fitness center and a swimming pool on the roof. The project will cost around $5.65 million.



Professional Wine Serving Guide

By learning the proper ways to open and serve wine, you can host various dinner parties successfully throughout the year. A good wine bottle opener must have several key features to make the process less of a chore. Once the bottle is opened, it should be stored at the correct temperature. Some wines taste better when served cool, and a few wines are more delicious when served ice-cold.

The Wine Bottle Opener

If you plan to buy many wines from Antique Wine Company, you will need an efficient corkscrew. At many grocery stores, the device typically costs under $20. A good corkscrew should have a serrate blade because it slices through the foil more resourcefully. If you need a corkscrew that will perform well in tough situations, invest in a device that has a non-stick surface. The coating will reduce friction when opening a bottle of wine.

The Proper Wine Serving Temperature

Sparkling wines must be served extremely cold. They should be placed in the freezer at least one hour before dinner begins. However, if a sparkling wine is very fancy, it can be served at a slightly warmer temperature.

A white wine can be stored in the fridge. Typically, zesty and lighter wines can be served at a slightly colder temperature. Oaked white wines, however, taste better when served at a warmer temperature.

Because light red wines have fruity notes, they should be placed in a fridge 30 minutes before serving. Rich red wines are much smoother when they are served at cool temperatures.

All wines produce less aromatics when they are cool. If a wine has bubbles, it should be served ice-cold. You can purchase sparkling wines, white wines, and red wines from Antique Wine Company. If you need help choosing a specific brand, the experts at AWC can provide great recommendations.

Crippling Student Loans Plaguing Americans

The difficulty in successfully paying off one’s student loans has reached an all-time high. Student loan debt has become the number one credit delinquency, surpassing credit card debts, mortgages, and auto loans says Twitter.com. Following the recession of 2009, Americans, like Dan Newlin,  cut back on spending, decreasing the amount of credit being used across virtually all markets. In the meantime, adolescents continued to borrow for the sake of their education, thus landing them in trouble come graduation time. Furthermore, the loans being taken out have increased in amount, with an even greater percentage of the student populous requiring loans to attend schools to being with. Additionally, students cannot stave off their difficult loan payments by declaring bankruptcy, a possibility with other types of debts.

All of this makes for the taxing environment that recent graduates find themselves in. With the need to find employment immediately at the forefront of all graduates’ minds, the likelihood that all will be successful in their search is slim. In turn, students will then default on their loans, further facilitating the existing problem. There may come a point at which students refuse to pay back their outstanding loans, or simply looking for other means of advancing their lives, excluding attending costly universities. Whether that time will come is highly dependent on how this issue is chosen to be solved today. There is little hope for American institutions should we continue down this path.

John Textor Wins In Court

The lawsuit brought by the Abbey law firm was dismissed in New York Superior Court because of a lack of evidence against John Textor and other executives of Digital Domain. This lawsuit accused them of negligence and fraud. Also, they were accused of not representing their finances correctly. PR Web first brought this story, and the showed all the gory details that came out in court.

The lawsuit wanted Digital Domain to show all its records from when Textor was the CEO, and it wanted the executives to prove that all their records were correct. The records were proved to be accurate, and the company was shown to have not engaged in any fraudulent activity.

The Abbey law firm has become known for filing these lawsuits in court to see if they can extract money from rich executives, but they have not been successful in this case. The US court system tends to knock these suits out of court, and it makes it much easier for people to protect themselves when they are trying to save their reputation. All those who are fighting in court need to remember that the good guys do win in court when the fact are on their side.

Domenico Rancadore Faces Extradition From UK to Italy

Domenico Rancadore was informed by a British Magistrate from the Westminster Magistrates Court late last week that he would be subject to extradition from the UK to Italy. The 65-year old former teacher had been residing for the past two decades peacefully under an assumed name in England.

Domenico Rancadore is the son of Giuseppe Rancadore, one of 475 alleged members of the Mafia convicted and imprisoned by Italian authorities during a crackdown on the Sicilian Cosa Nostra in 1987. Zeca Oliveira has read that, at that time, Italian authorities accused him of being active in the Mafia in Trabia, a community located outside of Palermo. He contested the allegation that he had been involved in Mafia activities. He was acquitted following a three year proceeding. Thereafter, he moved with his family to Britain in 1993. He used the name Marc Skinner in England.

However, following his relocation, Italy tried him again for the lesser crime of “Mafia association.” He did not return for the criminal trial, but was convicted in absentia of this offense in Italy, and given a seven year prison sentence. For the past year and a half, the Uxbridge resident, who operates a travel agency, has fought efforts by the Italian government to extradite him back to Italy.

Reportedly, unless Domenico Rancadore appeals the Magistrate’s decision this week, Italian authorities can use an extradition warrant issued by the European Union to take him into custody.

Obamacare Not Really Impacting Corporate Profits

There was a lot of whining about the potential for the Obamacare program to take a chunk out of corporate profits. Take a look around, this has not happened. As a matter of fact, Obamacare has slowed the growth rate of healthcare costs.

Bloomberg.com reports that after reviewing transcripts of conference calls as well as interviewing numerous US employers, it seems that the impacts of the law have been minimal at worst. The stock market is hitting all time highs, and that is driven by higher and higher corporate profits. As such, this means that the profits have not been impacted in the negative ways that so many said that they would be.

It seems that some people probably got overly panicky about the way that the law would impact them to say the least. Worst of all, CipherCloud says these types almost prevented the law from taking hold at all. This would have cost millions of Americans the chance to finally get healthcare insurance in their lives. That by itself would be a disaster that could have cost the country a lot more than the few dollars out of corporate profits.

It is important to remember sometimes that the corporate world is designed to look only at the short term. In reality, longer term thinking is probably the best plan to move forward with when it comes to major policy decisions. That was the case with this law at least.

Keith Mann Supports The NYPD

When Keith Mann saw that protests against the NYPD were getting out of hand, he wanted to make a donation to the department to show his support. As first reported by CBS 8, Keith Mann sent lunch out to many police stations near his home as a show of support. He wanted to give something back to the police officers who help to protect his community, and he thought that the protestors were out of line for their actions.

This is a small gesture by one of the biggest figures in the city, and it shows how much support the police actually have in the city. When we look at what Keith Mann has done for the police in the city, we need to consider doing something, too. They need to be given as much respect as we can offer, and we should come out of our homes to show them our support. We can offer them a great deal, but any help is good for them.

Let Keith Mann be an example to all the citizens around the world that want to show support for their police officers. His gesture is just one of many that should flood departments everywhere.

The Dorchester Collection achieves success under the guidance of Christopher Cowdray

Chief Executive Officer of The Dorchester Collection, Christopher Cowdray is seeing the brand he heads become one of the most important and popular in the World for travelers seeking out the most luxurious accommodation options. Cowdray has a long history in the hotel industry and brings all his knowledge as the former manager of some of the most distinguished hotels in London to his role heading up this small, but impressive brand. As The Dorchester Collection continues to grow into the future, Cowdray is faced with the problem of managing this growth whilst maintaining the positive image and luxurious reputation The Dorchester Collection has established over the years.

The Dorchester Collection was a difficult problem to crack for the predecessors to the role of CEO who came and went before Cowdray was appointed. Just five hotels were held within the brand and each was determined to maintain its own identity, the problem Cowdray had upon being appointed in 2007 was bringing the brand under a single umbrella while maintaining the individuality of each hotel. Cowdray feels he has now achieved this difficult issue of branding by keeping each locations individuality, but making sure the entire Dorchester Collection is represented at each location.

After the problem of branding was solved, Cowdray was forced to make a decision on how best to deal with the issue of expanding the brand into the future. The owners of The Dorchester Collection were not interested in simply opening up another hotel in every location they saw around the World to simply add more flags to the brand. Instead, they and Cowdray agreed upon a slow and steady approach to expanding the brand, which included the chance to add only the finest buildings in the World in the best locations into The Dorchester Collection. The growth of The Dorchester Collection looks set to never match that of other famous luxury brands, but will maintain a sense of exclusivity other luxury hotel brands may now be losing. Cowdray hopes to increase The Dorchester Collection to a total of 20 hotels over the course of the next decade, but will currently work towards a target of 15 hotels set by himself and the owners of the brand.

The Marijuana Business May Be Legal But Banks Won’t Accept Money From Legal Pot Dispensaries.


Banks Are Afraid The Feds Will Prosecute Them For Money Laundering

Marijuana will be legal in all states in the very near future. There’s just too much medical data coming to the surface that confirms what some doctors have been saying for years. Weed is here to stay, and it will be an enormous industry.

It already is a $2.7 billion industry, and it will be over $3 billion in 2016. But that fact doesn’t mean much to the banks. They refuse to accept marijuana money from legal dispensaries because the Feds say pot is still a Schedule One drug. That means banks can be hit with a money-laundering charge if the banks are caught accepting deposits from legal merchants.

But there is hope for legal weed sellers and growers. While Congress stews over Obama’s plan to legalize banking for marijuana-related businesses, The Blue Line Protection Group found a solution. A new trading and advisory platform launched by a major New York-based trade firm has allowed Blue Line a way to provide navigation services for legal pot sellers. They handle the delivery of cash to different government agencies like the IRS. They even return the Feds receipts to the sellers.

Blue Line helps dispensaries find ways to do business without the banks. That’s a concept we would all like to experience one of these smoked-filled days.

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