Alexei Beltyukuv, A Compassionate Entrepreneur

Alexei Beltyukov is a handsome young Russian Entrepreneur, whose interest in education for himself and for others is clearly revealed in his business choices and direction.

He originally studied to become a doctor. He did become one, but he describes himself at that time as “a provincial doctor’”, though clearly his curiosity and intelligence compelled him to continue his studies and explore a diverse education.

He explains how he saw an ad for INSEAD, a world renowned graduate business school with an international focus, in a Russian newspaper. It so captivated his interest that he carried it around for a while, then finally filled out the entry form, was accepted, attended and achieved an MBA from the institute campus in France. The experience changed his life and provided the direction his career would take.

He co-founded Endemic Capitol in 2013 which is devoted to what can be considered angel funding for Russian startup companies. He also formed A-Ventures, Ltd. for the purpose of helping fledgling companies with financial assistance. He assists the Russian government with economic guidance and support. He also helped establish the INSEAD scholarship fund for Russia.

He has many philanthropic interests and is a person who is highly inclined to help his fellow human beings succeed in their own business efforts.

Alexei has just become the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy, an online educational system with a main focus on math. Solvy is a very new company with the inspired goal of reaching high school students at home by having personal interactions with professional educators whose intention is to stay informed about every student and track their development.

This new endeavor seems a match made in heaven for a person who loves to provide assistance and help open paths to great education and progress. From the beginning of his own career which began as a healer, he has continued to formulate methods of making people’s lives work well and in doing so, helping the world community be healthy and successful.

This delicious meal in Miami- Pizza

Many people prefer pizza to any other meal especially when on out for fun or on a tour, especially when in Miami. Remember Miami is a beach that so many like and must go there for fun. With this, many must have a taste of pizza for them feel at home. The so called pizza hence becomes what many individuals have to feed on leading many restaurants, hotels and quick food places prepare it for clients.

Research has it that pizza has its origin in Italy. This makes easier for Italians to brag of pizza and the whole process as a whole to come up with something credible, tasty worthy being eaten every other time. I personally like pizza so much especially for breakfast. Talk of the Italian pizza at Miami and you will be surprised to get a lot of it.

The most amazing pizza in Miami
There is this Italian type known as Pizza Mergerita which is loved by so many. It isn’t a must for you to make your way to any far place in Italy in the name of looking for pizza. Italian PizzaMiami gives you all you want. Just find your way to Miami and get to enjoy the Pizza Magherita dish to your satisfaction. Cherry tomatoes in this case make the delicacy more overwhelming.

Another very delicious type of pizza you can never miss to get at Miami Beach is the Pepperoni Diavola. In fact, this pizza takes very little time during its preparation. Spend only 15 minutes and you will be done by everything. Here a 12 inch pizza goes for more or less than $ 13.

Without forgetting the Capricciosa Cleo, a good number of people love it a great deal. This type of pizza comes in accompany with mushrooms, artichokes, mozzarella, cheese, tomato sauce and a bit of olive oil. As you see, it is very delicious especially due the complements.

Enjoy your night with pizza at Miami
Around Miami many spend nights hence have to get the best from the restaurants inclusive of the late night pizza Miami. Steve’s Pizza had been using handy cleaning services since they started. Steve’s Pizza serves as the best satisfying and affordable. This is Miami’s best pizza of all.

Other types of pizza that you can comfortably like include; the Magic City Pizza, Apizza Brooklyn Resto + Vino, Frankie’s Pizza, Sir Pizza, Leo’s Pizza, Pizza Rustica just to mention a few.

Christian Broda – Economist and Managing Director, Duquesne Capital Management

Christian Broda holds a Ph.D. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a tenured professor of Economics at the University of Chicago before his career in banking and finance with Duquesne Capital Management. He has spoken at the European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund, and the Bank of Japan. As a Professor, he has performed research in international trade, finance, and macroeconomics.

Dr. Broda has recently been mentioned in a CNN article in which he provided advice to those seeking to start their own hedge funds. He advised having the right team in place, having good partnerships with law firms, acquiring capital, and choosing the right broker for placing trades. These attributes are designed to create successful hedge funds as long as their founders are dedicated to the cause.

Christian Broda believes in a strong US economy and that the best days are in store for the US Dollar, specifically. One piece of evidence which he mentions is the fact that inflation has been under control. This is in sharp contrast to many other academics and hedge fund managers whom believe that the US Dollar’s best days are behind it. He strongly advocates that investors invest in US based investments for the best return. In addition to putting his support behind the US Dollar, he also believes that the Japanese economy will see much success in the very near future. In terms of international trade, the US has tripled it’s imports. This has made goods cheaper for consumers at home and expanded their access to products. Everything from French Wine to Italian Vehicles are examples of how US consumers have benefited from increased import activity. All countries around the world want to export products to the United States as it has a reputation for being a big consumer.

His research has also indicated that the stimulus package has led to a 10 percent increase during 2008 in the aftermath of the recession. Overall, he is known for believing in the US dollar, specifically that the US Dollar can withstand any global economic turmoil.

The Spirituality of Business with Joseph Bismark


Upon reading about Joseph Bismark on the blog “End of an Earring” I might argue that, despite his enormous success, Joseph Bismark is a philanthropist first and a businessman second. The principles that make the foundation of his business practices are primarily based in making sure his employees are respected and that every voice is heard. 

Bismark spent most of his adolescence living with Vedic monks and studying the teachings of Mahatma Ghandi. Here he devoted himself to the ideas that all people have value and should be heard and that anyone has the potential for greatness if given the right opportunities. 

It is uncommon to see someone raised in a monastic setting become such a powerful businessman, but Bismark is an uncommon businessman and managed to marry his philosophy with the business world in an impressive manner. As an adult, the beliefs he practiced at the monastery have become an monumental part of the way he runs his business. He encourages his employees with an open door policy, not just for his management but for any employee. In the QI Group, efforts are made to provide opportunities for all employees to stretch themselves and develop leadership skills. He approaches his business holistically, advocating that healthy living and spiritual fulfillment will make better for employees. 

I should not be surprised to find that Bismark’s charitable organizations, such as RHYTHM, are not just foundations funded by him but that he spends time working hands on with his organizations. He believes that everyone should dedicate time to service for humankind, regardless of any acknowledgment of the work. However, he also makes a point of giving credit where it is due for the service of others.

Joseph Bismark’s personal humility is refreshing and encouraging to see in cutthroat industries where selling one’s self is often more important than products. His success show that companies can operate on principles of care, service and integrity with astounding results.

Responsibilities Of Economists To The Economy Of Various Entities

Economists study the creation and allocation of products, services, and resources. They use economic analysis to problems affecting different fields including education, health, the environment and other sectors. Other economists scrutinize the costs of products, resources or healthcare while some study business cycles, exchange rates, employment levels or effects of inflation, interest rates, or taxes. Economists also study, formulate and use theories and concepts from economics and create journals on economic policies. This field ranges from vast philosophical theories to objective study of particular fields such microeconomic analysis, macroeconomic analysis, financial statements analysis and individual markets. Analytical tools and techniques including mathematical finance, mathematical economics, and econometrics are used to analyze such fields.

Economists work in various fields such as the government, the private sectors, and academics. In such sectors, they scrutinize statistics and data to identify trends in consumer attitudes, economic operations and economic confidence levels. They acquire such information using suitable techniques, and they provide propositions on how to improve the effectiveness of a structure and exploit market trends as they commence.

Most economists work for organizations and assist them in understanding the market trends and how they influence their businesses. Such economists are typically involved microeconomic issues including predicting sales and consumer demands of a company’s products and services. They also scrutinize competitors’ market share and provide recommendation to the company on how to deal with the competition. They also work for research firms to study and analyze different economic affairs. The analyses and forecast are usually published in journals and newspapers.

A good example of a notable economist is Christian Broda, who is frequently associated with financial planning and economics and his research tackles affairs in macroeconomics, finance, and international trade. He is a faculty research member at the National Bureau of Economic Research and an associate editor of the Journal of Development Economics. He has made a variety of publications in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Journal of International Economics and the American Economic Review.

He currently serves as the manager of the hedge fund as well as the editor for various publications and academic journals. All his research and academics focus mainly on international finance and trade. He has also been able to present his research findings at banks and learning institutions internationally such as the Bank of Japan, Federal Reserve, and IMF. He was awarded two National Science Foundation (NSF) to aid his research in 2005 and 2008 and in 2006, he was selected the James S. Kemperer Scholar

How Madison Street Capital Saved My Retirement Fund

Madison Street Capital has helped me revive a dying retirement plan. I started off in the stock market with no guidance and very little knowledge about how I need to allocate my funds. I invested in whatever looked good at the time. I didn’t have a long term investing strategy in place, and this caused me to lose a lot of money. I was quite depressed about how my retirement investments were diminishing, but Madison Street Capital rescued me from the downward spiral that I was taking with my investments.

What Madison Street Capital has managed to do is give me direction for long term investment strategies. The return on investment has been amazing, and I truly believe that this could be the best way for all investors to start. I never would have imagined that a consultant would have so much advice, but becoming a client with Madison Street Capital has changed my perspective. This company has given me a chance to tap into a wide range of solutions that include stocks, hedge funds, mutual funds and annuities. In my early stages – prior to my relationship with Madison Street Capital – I was only really aware of stocks and bonds. In all honesty I was only remotely familiar with how the stocks were traded. I tried day trading for a while and made some money, but I lost more than I ever made. It was through Madison Street Capital that I learned that saving for retirement was a tight rope act. I couldn’t spend all of my time selling stocks that I just purchased, but I couldn’t invest in things and set my portfolio on auto pilot either. It is a balancing act, and this company has helped me maximize my time by watching the market and making decisions on my behalf.

I would recommend an investment banking firm for both old and new investors. There are some old investors like myself that may know the market, but they may not know enough to navigate it efficiently. There are also the new investors that are totally startled by all of the terms and investments options that are available. This can make it difficult for anyone that has never heard of a portfolio or diversification before. This is why it is ideal for all investors to connect with an investment firm and improve their knowledge. This is going to make most people much better investors in the long run.

The thing that investment banking does is give you options. These consultants have helped me establish my own pace. Everyone isn’t an aggressive investor. Some people are moderate. Madison Street Capital helped me realize what type of investor I was.

Eucatex Paints Makes Its Mark

Eucatex Group began as a small company back in November of 1951. At that time, no other companies were thinking about using eucalyptus as building material for ceiling tiles and panels. For the first years, the main production of Eucatex Group were these tiles, panels and softboards. This continued for about a decade before Eucatex Group began to dabble in the area of paints.

At first, this was only to coat their own products, but eventually this became a separate line and division of the company. Soon Eucatex Paints was born and quickly became one of the leading producers of paints and varnishes in Brazil. Under the leadership of Flávio Maluf, Eucatex Paints grew to a global leader and exporter. Maluf worked hard and earned his place as president of Eucatex Group. Once there, his major focus was the modernization of the company and separate divisions.

This increased focused on modernization and growing the image of a global brand lead to the creation of several outreach programs. Many of these programs focus on the education of the public on topics like saving the environment and the importance of the Earth’s forests. For Eucatex Paints, this outreach came in the form of donations of supplies and money to several worthwhile causes.

EMEIF Prof. Nicolau Moraes Barros has become one of the most respected schools in the Santo André area. On may 30, 2015, parents and faculty began a revitalization project to help restore sections of this great institution. To help the project, Eucatex Paints donated a lot of supplies and materials for the floors and walls. They were even an integral part of an artistic painting from the school’s children.

Every year Eucatex Paints gives back to communities be choosing one entity to receive a free maintenance of their building’s paint. Not only does Eucatex Paints donate the supplies and paints necessary for these projects, but they also provide the labor through Eucatex Group employees and their families, all of whom donate their time and energy to the cause.

A global company should not only worry about their bottom dollar. They should also focus on the people that made them the company they are today. Eucatex Paints knows this and tries to thank these people through several key outreach programs and donations throughout the year.

What It Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs are a vital part of the U.S economy according to statistics. Out of the total job opportunities available they contribute 62% of it. Such businesses have utmost 500 employees and are typically businesses established and managed by entrepreneurs. They are a stronghold to the American economy, producing a gross domestic product of 64%.

Entrepreneurs have so much in common despite their perception of success. Some traits are inborn while others can be attained through practice and by developing a positive attitude. This can be achieved by setting goals and working towards them through critical planning to achieve the goals in a realistic manner and attainable stages. There are some inevitable characteristics that all entrepreneurs should possess, implement and manage their ventures. They help to establish, grow and flourish a business.

Some of the imperative characteristics include hard work and commitment. They work for extra hours as compared to other individuals. They have a positive attitude towards everything even the most daunting tasks. They are confident, self-reliant and do not compare themselves to other people standards. They are sure with their decisions and do not doubt what they decide. Their confidence assures them that every decision they make, even the incorrect ones can make a positive impact in the long run. Entrepreneurs are planned people, and they never act upon impulse. 

Marc Sparks, a prominent entrepreneur was just a C+ average high school graduate who has established and managed very successful ventures. ‘You don’t need to go to college to be successful’ is an ideology for many, and it has worked pretty well for Sparks. He currently has more than sixty ventures within his reach despite the lack of college education. The compelling characteristics of entrepreneurs are well depicted in this scenario. He has unswerving determination and the essential techniques for extreme success. In his book ‘They Can’t Eat You’, he thrives to empower entrepreneurs across the world by providing excellent knowledge for success, knowledge that he learned the hard way. He shares his journey to success and what he had to go through to get to where he is now.

Marc Sparks

From Marc’s LinkedIn

Recently, Marc USA announced that it had established Marketing Sparks, a program that is meant to link start-up entrepreneurs and marketing experts to assist during the initial stages of a venture. The three-hour session is aimed at equipping entrepreneurs with crucial and tactical marketing communications and business advancement concepts that will assist to boost their chances of success. In Boston, similar schedules have portrayed that excellent communications and marketing offered prior or at the initial stages of a business can reform the vantages of attracting significant investors, clients, and employees. Marc Sparks has enlisted an outstanding alliance of professionals in media, creative, public relations, strategy and research from his team as well as other entities to assist in the program.

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The Battle Between Religious Freedom And Same Sex Marriage Is A Waste Of Energy

Americans Have Religious Freedom And The Freedom To Marry Anyone They Choose But If You Work For The Government Religious Freedom Takes A Back Seat To Marriage Equality

The Supreme Court decision to allow people of the same sex to marry wasn’t a surprise to most folks. Most people across the country want gays and lesbians to marry if that is what they chose. Churches still don’t have to marry same-sex couples if they chose not to perform the ceremony. But state and county workers must issue licenses to gay couples even though they believe same-sex marriages are sinful. Those workers promise to uphold the law when they were hired. Their religious beliefs do not count when performing legal government services. Kenneth Griffin said there’s nothing wrong about the Supreme Courts decision.

State and county workers still have their religious freedom intact. If they object to performing their legal duties because of their beliefs they have the freedom to resign. Churches that object to same-sex marriages don’t have to participate in them. There are plenty of venues that will willingly perform a gay marriage ceremony.

The battle between religious freedom and same-sex marriage is not what it appears to be. Religious leaders are trying to bring religion into the state’s business, and that’s not the way the constitution is written.

Fallon and the Future of Beneful

The Minnesota-based Fallon previously handled all creative matters regarding Purina. However, the company has recently dropped out of the picture. They apparently opted to go another route. The fact that Beneful is no longer represented by Fallon may make it sound like the Beneful brand has fallen onto hard times. Nothing is further from the truth. The Beneful dog food brand itself has been doing well. They report higher gains every year. In fact, Purina is dead determined to focus on their most successful brand no matter what.

Fallon owns the Publicis Groupe agency who represented Beneful. Beneful is the last Purina brand represented by the group. This was not always the case. Previously, Fallon also handled their Purina Dog Chow line. The Dog Chow brand did not die but rather is now handled by Leo Burnett. Puritan is basically doing everything possible to keep its most successful brand alive. They have therefore been on the search for someone to take care of the creative aspect of Purina Beneful dog food. Word has it that they have finally narrowed down the prospects to two choices: Leo Burnett and Publicis & Hal Riney.

Fallon did quality work for the Purina brands for over 30 years. In fact, Purina is Fallon’s oldest client. In addition to those brands already mentioned, Fallon also handled Purina One. Fallon representatives have expressed confidence that parting ways is the right move, but also a sadness and a pride in helping foster the growth of the quality Purina products. Purina might have been fine with other companies taking on the creative handling of these quality products. However, they are taking extra care that Beneful, their most lucrative product, goes with the very best.
This can only be assumed to be the case since Purina has not responded to inquiries about the situation. In any case, the future of the Beneful brand is about to change dramatically.

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