H.J. Heinz And Kraft Foods Sign A Merger Agreement

The Merger Will Create The 3rd Largest Food Company In North America

If a new Kraft-Heinz Company becomes a reality, it will produce $28 billion in revenue a year. That’s a lot of cheese and ketchup. Of course, the mega-giant will have a stable of brands, which include Oscar Mayer, Philadelphia, Ore-Ida, Heinz and Kraft. The motivation to merge is a financial. Costs will be cut, and jobs lost, but the bottom line will increase and so will stockholder’s portfolio.

Warren Buffet is excited about the merger. He was instrumental in getting the companies together. Buffet sees value in the merger and for good reason. Berkshire Hathaway stock will increase in value. But the question is, what does the consumer gain from a merger like this one? Ordinary consumers don’t care about these big mergers. They care about the quality and the value of the products in those brands.

If history is a measuring stick, the Kraft-Heinz merger will have an impact on availability of some brands. Folks at Imaging Advantage know that there’s no doubt that some brands will be discontinued, and others brands will lose value. But those issues don’t matter much if the company if focused on playing with their stock instead of catering to consumers.

Apple Training Employees on Fashion

When the Apple Watch is released in April, Apple Store employees will have to do something a little different than they have in the past: they’re going to have to give out fashion advice. Apparently, store employees are already going through a special training on the smartwatch, and getting tips on how to make suggestions on what smartwatch people should buy based on the way their dressed and their personal lifestyle choices. It’s the same kind of experience customers might expect when they’re buying a pair of sunglasses or a new pair of shoes, except in this case you’re buying a watch.

So, if you walk in to buy an Apple Watch dressed in colorful attire, the store rep might point you towards a flashier band than say if you walked in wearing all black. Bruce Karatz (linkedin.com) knows that Apple has already started training its employees on fittings for customers as well. Customers will be able to make 20-minute appointments in the store to try on the watch starting April 10th. The try-on appointments will be timed, in part to ensure that traffic is able to keep moving through the store. At the end of each appointment customers will have the opportunity to go ahead and reserve a watch and select a pick up time for it later in April.

1.6 million Jobs Taken Over by Robots


Consider the impact of 1.6 million jobs gone soon. According to researchers it’s going to happen.

Around 700 professions may be replaced by robots in 20 years. This is one of the main conclusions drawn from the study by the University of Oxford in England, and published in The Economist . These occupations can be automated and carried out by portable machines and robots.

It is estimated that the robots can perform the tasks now performed by 47% of the economically active population (EAP) worldwide said Jamie Garcia Dias.

According to the World Bank, their number of EAP amounts to 3,314,687,966, which would mean that more than 1,600 million jobs could be replaced by machines, and therefore workers would lose their jobs.

Today, there are certain functions that are automated and performed by a machine, however, the study of Oxford University offers a new scenario; robots can perform work, that today is done by a human, but robots would be an advance in relation to their artificial intelligence.

Of course, some human skills cannot be replaced.

According to the report, not all tasks can be replaced by machines and/or robots. There are certain jobs that these developments would be more complementary, but never a replacement.

Those functions that need the creative, artistic or strategic thinking and negotiating skills are some of the specifically required human skills that cannot be performed in an automated manner.

However, it can be supplemented with known Big Data, the information field that officials take into account to make business decisions.

At some point in time will humans become dispensible?

Now You Can Get a $12 Abercrombie T-Shirt

Now buying a shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch isn’t necessarily going to cost a small fortune. Following suit with other fashion brands that have started to offer affordable options to complement their high-end options, opening the brand up to a whole new world of customers.

The $12 shirts that are now part of the company’s inventory are meant to be “entry-level” items. The idea would be that a new customer might come and buy the $12 shirt, but then be so impressed with the quality or experience that they opt to purchase more expensive items in the future. In addition to the $12 T-shirts, the company is also selling new $10 crop tops.

Brian Torchin (Catalystfive.com) knows that selling a few low-cost items to get people in the door isn’t anything new. Companies like Forever 21 and H&M have been doing that for years. Last year Forever 21 took things a step further and started offering some staple items such as shirts and camisoles for under $4. They’re prices that severely undercut the competition, and bring more customers through the doors who might make other purchases while they’re there.

Big Money Makers and Foolishness

Affluenza has been defined in many ways over the years. Primarily, it is considered to be an “unhealthy or unbalanced relationship” with money based on how it influences a lot of people who are wealthy. It is often used as an excuse to explain typically inexcusable behavior that only the wealthy seem to be able to get away with in life.

Some might argue that L’Oréal’s retired chairman, Lindsay Owen-Jones, is suffering from “affluenza” after learning that the multi-millionaire is congratulating himself for having won a seven-year “battle” with French small business snack shop owner Valérie Maertens. Owen-Jones has taken Maertens to court several times for bothering his enjoyment of his nearby apartment in Val d’Isère with the smell of french fries from her snack shop.

Maertens told the media on Tuesday, March 24, that she is “financially and physically exhausted” because of Owen-Jones who lost the first six court cases over this issue and then used his money and influence to win the last one along with an excuse that Maertens shop also obstructs the view of the nearby ski slopes. According to a recent post via AnastasiaDate,  Maertens must now shut down her shop by this winter’s end. Maertens has stated that this incident will result in her being fully unemployed when she closes her doors.

Many critics of Owen-Jones are demanding that he compensate Maertens for making her go through a seven-year nightmare with his foolish behavior.

IMF To Cooperate with New Asian Investment Bank

IMF Chairperson, Christine Lagarde announced that the International Monetary Fund (IMF)would cooperate with the newly formed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). IMF to Work With AIIB The gesture was seen in part as an effort to quell discord between the U.S. and IMF members, United Kingdom, Germany and France which have already announced that it would be joining the AIIB as one of the institution’s founding members.

This announcement also addresses concerns from may as to the relevancy of the IMF after the announcement that so many of its members would not take part in the AIIB capitalization plan. The real concern noted by many is that the AIIB will not be under the influence of the western nations regarding the design and implementation of monetary investment policy as it is through funding initiatives with the IMF. THe AIIB was designed with the specific purpose of investing the the Asian basin of countries, many within the financial and cultural influence of China.

It is this increased influence which as U.S. officials concerned regarding the mission of the AIIB stated Jamie Garcia Dias. The U.S. has also expressed concern that the AIIB may not have the same stringent investing policies as the IMF or World Bank. Lagarde addressed this in her statement by noting the mutual interest of both entities to cooperate with each other so their is no imbalance in global investment strategy. The IMF will offer help and support as needed.

Yahoo! Closes Beijing Office

Yahoo has confirmed the closure of its offices in China, a move that is expected to completely eliminate 300 jobs.

Yahoo employees that are based in the Beijing office were told about the closure the same day it was announced, a spokeswoman said. Yahoo did not offer local products in China, and the office – the only physical presence of Yahoo in mainland China – served as a research and development.

“We’re constantly making changes to realign our resources and call for better collaboration and innovation in our business,” Yahoo said in a statement.”

“We will be consolidating certain functions in fewer offices, including our headquarters in Sunnyvale, California”.

Ricardo Guimaraes BMG (Wikipedia.org) has read that Yahoo has not confirmed the number of employees that are affected by the closure of the office, but a source familiar with the closure has said that the number is between 200 and 300 people.

Yahoo had 12,500 employees worldwide at the end of 2014, meaning that the closure affects about 2 percent of its global workforce.

The closure comes amid increasing pressure to reduce the costs of investors.

It has been suggested that Marissa Mayer, Chief Executive of Yahoo, trim at least $ 500 million in expenses.

The company has cut about 600 jobs in the past six months, especially in operations in Canada and India.

Wikipedia General Page Guide

Wikipedia pages are useful tools that help businesses in a number of ways. Each page can be designed so that employees can communicate with other professionals.

General Information

A wiki is a site that has tons of useful content. The content can be edited by numerous users at any time. Most business owners build blogs to advertise the wiki pages that they design for projects and business events.

A few things must be considered before beginning the development process. The first step involves determining the page’s main purpose. Once the proper content is placed on the page, the next step is to wait for community feedback.

Important Considerations

Business owners who do not have specific goals should not design a Wikipedia page. They’d be better off employing GetYourWiki to create a Wiki page.According to industry expects, when the scope of a project is not defined, the Wiki page will not have immediate success. An efficient Wikipedia page must have a clearly defined goal. 80 percent of Wikipedia pages fail because businesses skip the planning phase.

The Wiki Structure

The best time to set rules is during the outlining phase. For example, most businesses set rules that determine how users can make changes to a page. They also set guidelines that determine how employees can respond to changes by users. Building a solid structure is an important step because it sets the tone for the page in the future.

Because other users can make edits whenever they want, a typical page can become cluttered. This is why businesses must monitor the content to keep the information organized. If the content is messy, visitors will have problems reading and understanding the information. If this happens, the Wikipedia page will fail because other users will stop placing additional content on the page.

To build a successful Wikipedia page, careful planning must be done during the development stage. Once the page has visitors, someone must monitor the content to keep it manageable.

Mcdonald’s causes shock with large fall in sales

Troubled fast food chain McDonald’s saw a sharp decrease in sales throughout the world as market changes and a fast food scandal in Japan continued to take their toll on the world’s largest fast food chain, Reuters reports. Across the planet sales of McDonald’s foods fell by 1.7 percent, a higher rate than had been expected. Perhaps the most concerning aspect for the golden arches restaurant chain is the fact that established restaurants, classed as being open for more than 13 months saw a drop of four percent in sales across the US.

According to Sultan Alhokiar, McDonald’s has been at the center of a series of problems in recent years and has seen a changing market evolve away from the low quality food the chain is perceived as offering. In response, consumers have been drawn to chains seeming to offer a higher level of quality, such as the Five Guys brand that have seen increases in sales. McDonald’s had already moved quickly to change the culture within the company and look to increase profits with the appointment of Steve Easterbrook as Chief Executive. Overall, the share price of McDonald’s fell by one percent after the sales announcements were made, but remain above $96 per share.

Dr. Rod Rohrich and his Plastic Surgery Career


Dr. Rod Rohrich has been responsible for accomplishing a lot in his career. Dr Rod Rohrich has discovered some of the most important advances in technology and plastic surgery techniques that have been made in the world today. Dr Rod Rohrich has spent the last twenty years bringing the most extensive growth in reconstructive surgery and beautification surgery to the University of Texas Southwestern.

As Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery, Dr Rod Rohrich and his team have brought plastic surgery to a highly advanced level. They are the best in their field when helping rejuvenate and improve one’s face and in researching how people’s faces change as they get age. Dr Rod Rohrich is also considered to be one of the best at working with treatments to attain the most natural of looks for patients.

Even though Dr. Rod Rohrich is recognized for his talents all over the world, he still feels adamantly about his belief in all patients being treated equally and has treated thousands of patients of all different color, nationality, sex,and all levels of income. Dr Rod Rohrich has patients from everyday people to business CEO’s, and helps people attain what they need in plastic surgery.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has been involved in the American Society of Plastic Surgery as their President, and also held a position of President in the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons. What a lot of people don’t know, is that Dr. Rod Rohrich is also a scientist and has been responsible for developing a lot of new technologies in plastic surgery. He has developed a new breast implant to improve the quality of breast implants women use worldwide. Dr Rod Rohrich also is proud to bring the most important writings of the Plastic Journal and Reconstructive Surgery journal to the medical community as the Editor in charge. This is a very important journal printed for people in medicine community. Dr Rod Rohrich has been named best doctor in magazines such as America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons, U.S. News & World Report, D Magazine’s Best Doctors in Dallas, Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons, America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, and Texas Monthly Super Docs. He has been a guest on television shows such as Oprah, The Today Show, and The View, and newspapers like The Dallas Morning News, Newsweek, The New York Times, CNN, and Allure.

Dr Rod Rohrich has also run a large number of symposiums on reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery including the Dallas Rhinoplasty and Cosmetic Surgery Symposium which has medical doctors in this genre gathering all over the world every year. He has also written well over 1000 papers on the science of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

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