CEO Increases All Employees Salaries to $70,000 and Lowers His Own

As more and more companies pay their CEO’s enormous salaries, one American company has gone in the opposite direction, after CEO Dan Price decided it would make more sense to lower his $1 million salary so he could pay his employees more.

So Price, the owner and CEO of Gravity Payment, decided to increase the minimum salary at his company for every employee to $70,000 a year. At the same time, he decreased his own salary to the same amount.

When asked why he chose that amount, Price said he had read a study several years ago that said the minimum amount people need to make them happy, and to be able to get through life with a minimum of stress, was $70,000. Anything above that just allowed them to buy luxury items. The study had stuck in his mind and he had vowed, when he could afford it, he was going to make sure that is what his employees were paid. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG thinks that economics of the region willing, this is a great business move.

When that day arrived, Price called all 120 employees together at his credit card company, and told them he would be increasing everyone’s salary to a minimum of $70,000.

Interestingly, however, Dan Price’s generosity did not just have an affect on his staff. It has also increased his client base, as more and more companies who read about what he had done decided to hire his company to take care of their business.

One philosophy for that unexpected outcome is companies like to hire other companies that have happy staff. The reason for that is it could ensure the employees they end up working with concentrate harder on their jobs, seeing as how they no longer have financial worries.

The IRS Has Budget Issues So Their Overloaded Phone System Didn’t Answer 8 Million Calls

Waiting on the phone for 30 minutes or more is a part of a typical day if you are Sultan Alhokair or trying to speak to an IRS agent. Only 4 out of 10 people actually speak to an agent. The other 6 get a recording or are disconnected. Last year the IRS phone system dropped 360,000 calls, so this year is a record year for the tax service.

The phone answering issue is part of a bigger issue. Republican are punishing the Internal Revenue Service for scrutinizing Tea Party members’ tax returns. Our lawmakers got back at the IRS by cutting their budget. The House Ways and Means Committee also criticized the agency for diverting $134 million in user fees earmarked for customer service to upgrade computers in the agency. The Republicans found an excuse to retaliate, and the IRS is feeling the heat.

The IRS budget is now $10.9 billion. That’s $1.2 billion less that the 2010 budget. If it takes that much money to collect taxes, then the tax collecting system needs an overhaul not a “money time-out.”

Verizon Will Start Offering More Flexible Cable Packages

Verizon will soon start offering a “skinny bundle” of TV channels and allow customers to add several channel packs. It is similar to the “skinny bundles” that Canadian laws will require their cable providers to offer customers. As per Canada’s new laws, cable providers will have to offer both the “skinny bundle” — and some a la carte choices.

Starting April 19, Verizon will offer “Custom TV” packages with or without Internet service. The new packages will cost $65.00 with Internet service and $55.00 without. A so-called “Triple Play” package that includes phone service will start at $75.00 per month. The listed prices are only approximate according to Boraie Development LLC and they do not include taxes or the cost of equipment.

The basic package will offer 36 channels and two genre-based channel packs, such as a bunch of sports channels in one of the packs. Users will then be able to add up to seven extra channel packs for $10.00 each. They will also be able to swap or unsubscribe packs every 30 days.

Verizon is hoping that the increased flexibility will both attract new customers and keep older ones from going to services like Netflix for their favorite programs.

Americans Placed on No Fly List to Be Notified and Given an Explanation as to Why

The national security of the United States is a main priority of the government, as it should be. However, if you are a citizen or resident of this country who has been denied access to fly in, out of, or within the country, certainly you should be given notice of the reason. But that has not necessarily been the case in the past, and the American Civil Liberties Union has objected to the current policy.

If you happen to be one of the some 47,000 people on the No Fly List, approximately 800 being Americans, who was denied access to board a U.S.-bound flight, you can make an appeal to the Department of Homeland Security, but your status on the controversial list would not be confirmed or denied by the government. That is about to change, and Kevin Seawright sees that as a good thing. An Oregon chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit claiming the government’s procedures were ineffective in these appeals and unconstitutional. Evidently, the judge in the case agreed, calling the former methods used “wholly ineffective.”

New procedures that have been adopted now require that any U.S. ticket holder who is denied the ability to board a plane at the airport be given a letter indicating their status on the No Fly List, along with the opportunity to receive information as to why they were denied. The amount of information given would be based on case-by-case situations, whereas information that may obstruct the security of our nation, or that of law enforcement, would be withheld.

Tesla Faces Sales Challenges Within States Despite Federal Tax Subsidy

One big barrier to entry for a new car manufacturer is the initial lack of a dealership network. All the established major brands have anywhere from several hundred up to a few thousand dealerships around the country where people can come to not only buy a car but also receive follow up service and maintenance. A relative newcomer like Tesla has this problem. So far, they sell their cars directly to customers through Tesla stores around the country. Maryland has passed legislation allowing four such stores throughout the state. This will help residents who wish to get in on the green driving revolution that will only increase over the years as concerns over the climate push clean energy technology forward.

It is incredible that a small company such as this can make any headway in states given the entrenched interests of the established car makers and the enormous money they have for lobbying efforts. There are states that ban the direct selling of cars to consumers by a car company, and in this effort in Maryland, GM wanted them limited to two store locations, and this same law prohibits them from selling through franchised dealerships in the state. Some have complained about Tesla getting government subsidies, but given the difficulty with breaking into this marketplace, it would seem impossible to do without a major financial counterweight against the big players already in the game.

Walgreens Freezing Executive Pay

Walgreens has announced some more details on a previously announced plan to trim $1.5 billion in costs. Walgreens operates a chain of pharmacies which offer a variety of different products for sale in addition to its pharmaceutical line.

In connection with the cost saving plan, Walgreens plans on shutting down 200 of their over 8,000 locations which is expected to save $1 billion in total costs without consideration of the restructuring charges. In addition, a plan is in place to halt executive wages increases through a pay freeze. Statements by the company indicate that they believe that executives should bear the brunt of the cost savings measures. Sam Tabar knows that the company is searching for a replacement for the CEO, Stefano Pessino, who happens to be the largest shareholder in Walgreens through previously issued executive compensation. During the transition period, the CEO will not be receiving a salary. The Company does not expect other executives to leave in accordance with the wage freeze.

Walgreens has experienced a decline in sales as a result of reduced foot traffic in their retail stores for the past few years and has struggled to incorporate Alliance Boots, a Swiss Company that was acquired in a $15 billion acquisition in August. Previously, Walgreens had owned 45% of the Company.

Walgreens stock did not decrease significantly as a result of this announcement as many of the underlying factors such as the cost moving measure was previously announced.

Dashcam Video Of Officer Ramming Into Suspect

A dash cam video has recently been released that shows a police officer hitting a suspect with his police cruiser. The video clearly depicts the Marana, Arizona police officer speeding up as he rams into a man armed with a rifle. While many skeptics are up in arms about the officer’s actions, others are thankful for his quick thinking as the man could have easily shot himself or someone else.


The Marana police officials are in favor of the officer’s swift instincts, noting that he almost certainly saved someone’s life. Bernardo Chua read that the officer was on a pursuit of February 19th after they received a call that a 7-Eleven convenient store had been robbed. The suspect, Mario Valencia was walking down the street with a rifle firmly placed at the bottom of his chin.


Caught on camera, a second patrol speeds around the first cruiser hitting Valencia and sending him flying through a small cinder-block wall next to the roadway. According to Marana Police Chief Terry Rozema, the officer was purely in the right as he was trying to prevent something terrible from happening. However Valencia’s attorney disagrees, stating the footage is clear evidence that the officer used excessive force against his client.


Valencia was take to the hospital immediately after the incident and was released two days later. He was then booked into county jail and facing 15 criminal charges from his actions that day.


Federal Official Investigate Nestle for Using a Permit that Expired in 1988

Food Company, Nestle is under investigation by federal officials on claims that the company has been piping water through a national forest California on a permit that expired almost 30 years ago. The water is bottled for retail purposes. According to an article published by the Desert Sun newspaper, the permit to pipe water across San Bernardino National Forest expired in 1988.
According to the paper, the company continued to tap water into locals well in Strawberry Canyon. The article led to a public outcry that prompted federal official to get to the bottom of these serious allegations. Your text to link…reports that a number of biologists want the company to stop immediately using the water from Deer Canyon and Strawberry Canyon until investigation have been concluded.
Folks at AnastasiaDate ( know that, currently, California is facing a severe drought condition, and it would be very inhuman if Nestle continues exporting the precious commodity and sell it for profit. This comes at a time when California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that required everybody to mandatory cut water use by 25 percent. More than 135, 000 people have signed a petition denouncing the company’s actions. However, according to the Forest Service’s regional forester in California, it is the responsibility of everybody in the state, not firms like Nestle to monitor their water use.

Haidar Barbouti: Real Estate Mogul

Real estate is one of the most important parts of any thoughtful investment portfolio. A well balanced real estate portfolio must be focused carefully on the person’s ability to be able to provide all kinds of investment opportunity as well as carefully reducing the risks the person may face to their accumulated capital. In this way, the person is able to make sure that their capital grows and expands as well as meets their needs in all areas of life. Many people find that it makes sense to work with a specialist in the area of capital management in order to be able to gain the kind of investment returns they seek from their capital.


One investment that can yield a high rate of return for most investors is that of real estate. Real estate refers to anything from an empty lot to a condo to a shopping center. Many people will choose to invest in real estate during their lifetime by purchasing a house. This is a primary investment in real estate. Many other people may look to invest in real estate by investing in other kinds of real estate such as a vacation home or investing with a company that specializes in developing secondary properties. This kind of investment can also be highly lucrative.


Many investors look for help investing from an outside source. One such contemporary resource and leader in the field of real estate management is <a href=””>Haidar</a> Barbouti. Barbouti has spent decades in the field, honing his understanding of all aspects of real estate development and management. This has helped him work within the confines of contemporary real estate management in order to help provide development that creates both livable spaces and places where people can gather to shop, eat and simply enjoy themselves in the company of others.


Mr. Barbouti’s efforts have particularly focused on the development of the Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston, Texas. This shopping center has been one of the foremost shopping centers in the entire Houston area for over five decades. During this time, shoppers in the area have turned here for access to various kinds of shops as well as the chance to enjoy being part of one the area’s foremost retail centers of commerce. His work with local and national brands has helped provide shoppers with access to a wide variety of goods from all over the world.


Igor Cornelsen Investment Expert

Making investments is one way some people are going in order to grow their finances for the future. However, it is not something you should dive into without some help or a lot of knowledge. It is also not a get rich quick game either. Once you start investing you should plan to stay with it for the long haul. Knowing what to invest in is also important. The wrong investment can wipe out your bank account and leave you destitute. If you are not knowledgeable about investing you will need someone with that knowledge to guide you along the way. Some one who has been doing investments for a long time and has been successful with it. You’re going to need someone like Igor Cornelsen.

Igor Cornelsen has guided many investors in making successful investments. He has a complete understanding and invaluable experience with investing in companies, the foreign exchange and commodities. He is the proprietor of Bainbridge Inv. Inc. located in the Bahamas. In the past he has had high ranking positions in many of the top banks in Brazil. As an investment adviser, Cornelsen would often advise investors to stay away from damaged company investments. Instead he would advise them to invest in damaged stocks, which gave them the opportunity to buy cheap and practically guaranteed a long term pay off.

As mentioned earlier investing is something you will have to do long term. You have to make that long term commitment or you will not be successful. You can’t look at this as a way to make fast money. If that’s what you think you’re going to have to change your view. You have to make wise investments so that later on down the line you will get a big financial return. Igor Cornelsen suggests you make small investments and bypass making the big one. This way you improve your chances of success with some investments and limit your losses.

Another type of investment that Cornelsen suggest people make is something that will produce a passive income. In a normal situation a person has to be directly involved in order to create income, which generally means working a job they hate going to. With a passive income a person just needs to setup a strategy to generate an income by doing an activity once and then checking on the performance every now and then.

Igor Cornelsen is not only an investment adviser he is also an investor with his own portfolio of successful investments. If you’re going to take investment advise from anyone it should be from someone who is willing to put his money where is mouth is.

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