The Investment Thesis that Earned Adam Sander Millions of Dollars as an Art Collector

Adam Sender is one of the world’s greatest art collectors because he actually has a profound vision for what he loves whereas so many art collectors have very little vision or passion at all. For one to be a visionary, one must have a massive amount of conviction in one’s beliefs and as well as the ability to be as brutally honest about their personal desires as possible. There are lots of art collectors today who collect according to what other people believe should be collected. Collecting art from a position of a follower as opposed to the position of a leader causes people to be fooled because they are targets who will easily fall victim to the trending art of the day. See, what most people don’t understand is that what is trending today is not necessarily what is truly groundbreaking and when someone subscribes to what is trending today, the success of their art may have already hit its highest stride, like so much other trending art that did not move any further. This mindset inevitably leads to disappointment, leading them to quit collecting altogether. There are some art collectors who would never consider showing their art off to anyone, while there are others, like Adam Sender, who enjoy showing their art to the world.

Adam Senders investment thesis is much different because he actually has very strong ideas about what he loves and is uncompromising in his desire to seek it. For Adam Sender, it doesn’t matter if the artist is new on the scene or if he is someone who has been around for long time, if he wants their art then he will invest millions to obtain it. This attitude has propelled Adam Sender to legendary status within the art community. As an art collector, you are almost guaranteed to fail unless you would feel successful if you were never able to sell the art, so you must follow your intuition when it comes to choosing the art that personally inspires you. Even with his hedge fund closed, Sender still plans on continuing his hobby of finding and buying new pieces from emerging artists.

Now, I’m going to give you the scenario: one guy buys a Picasso sketch for $5 million. He doesn’t really care much for the sketch, yet, he knows that Picasso’s art will inevitably increase in value. There’s another collector who purchases a piece for $100,000 who doesn’t know if the piece is going to increase in value, he just buys it because he loves it. Now, let’s say the Picasso sketch gains $1 million increase when it is put on the market. That means that that person who bought the Picasso for $5 million now has $6 million. He may have been better off putting his money into a hedge fund or something that would have earned his money a greater increase. Yet, the guy with conviction who purchased the art for $100,000 actually has a chance for that art to increase in value by 15 to 20 times. It is almost impossible for that Picasso to increase in value that much, unless five out of six Picasso’s were burned in a fire, leaving his sketch as one of the very few. The likelihood this will happen is extremely small, so it is very important to make investments based on your heart and not just how much money you plan on receiving for your artwork.

Vijay Eswaran:The Visionary

Vijay Eswaran was born in Malaysia in 1960. He studied at the London School of Economics and graduated with a degree in socio-economics. He got a CIMA qualification in the UK after being exposed to some marketing. He later moved to the US to do his MBA at the Southern Illinois University. It is while working at the US that he was introduced to multi-level marketing. After returning to Malaysia, he was employed to expand Cosway’s operations, a multi-marketing company, into the Philippines.

Vijay started the QI group with Joseph Bismark and were the Executive Chairman of the group.QI is involved in e-commerce, education, direct-selling, hospitality and financial services.The group is multinational that is present in over 30 countries and has offices all over Asia and the Middle East including the UAE. Eswaran started the company from humble beginnings and has grown it into the success it is today with the help of his co-founder and now Managing Director.
Vijay Eswaran also has a giving spirit.

Mr. Eswaran has been an advocate for better education and in 2011 helped found Quest International University. Under Eswaran’s leadership, the company plans on expanding and establishing QI city, a green city that will house the university permanently, a shopping complex and a hospital for the school’s medical students.

His vast experience and business excellence have enabled him to receive numerous honors and awards. Two years ago, he won the “CEO of The Year” award at the Malaysian Business Awards. He has also been awarded the International Leader in Global Business Strategies by GOPIO. The success of his business has made him affluent and was named at number 25, in the list of top 50 richest people in Malaysia.His personal philosophy for leadership has been to put others before him, and Vijay has tried to instill this in his employees.

He has also been involved heavily in philanthropy. He started the Vijayaratnam Foundation in Malaysia, which is named after his father. The firm has made a number of sizable donations to charity under the leadership of his wife, which is its current chairperson. His work in charity led him to be featured in an issue of Forbes magazine as one of the “Heroes of Philanthropy” in his region. A year later he was recognized with a New Global Indian Award for philanthropy and business. He has also taken the time to write books in which he shares his secrets with others who

may wish to duplicate his success in this field.

He is an established author having written four books. He first wrote In The Sphere of Silence, a book that outlines his beliefs and values he believes in for example, how he prefers to spend the first hour of his day in silence. He has gone on to write 3 more books, In the Thinking Zone in 2008, 18 Stepping Zones in 2010 and finally, Wings of Thought in 2011.

An Overview of QNET Company

Qnet Company, formerly known as QI Limited, QuestNet, and GoldQuest, is a direct selling company owned by the QI Group. It sells a diverse range of life enhancing products via its website and through sales persons. The products include home care, fashion items, luxury accessories, personal care, weight management products, nutritional, energy items among others. Vijay Eswaran founded the firm in 1998. The firm employs various marketing strategies including multi-level marketing and direct selling model. It has a network of firm-based sales representatives in countries such as Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. It also has a network of distributors in African countries such as Rwanda, Burundi, and Egypt. The QNet brand has launched a dynamic array of fashion accessories, luxury collectibles, energy supplements, nutritional products, weight management solutions and home/personal care items.

QNET Plans to Shift Production to India

Speaking to the Indian express, the CEO of QNET Franchisee in India, Suresh Thimiri, said that shifting centralizing their hubs in India would increase their profits by 12%. Currently, the company has a series of production bases in different countries. According to the companies economists, India has natural resources in energy, if properly utilized would give the company a cost benefit of up to 10%. The company officials told the Indian Express that, the operation revenues of the firm had risen by 100% in the past one year, and the growth would double if production bases were centralized. In addition, the company has other bases in India producing watches and other fashion accessories, which are doing well. QNET is now Asia’s largest direct selling company that specializes in everything from energy, weight loss and management to luxury goods and fashion accessories, promoting products on its website.

QNET Calls for Direct-Selling Regulations

The government of India initiated a legal program to support direct selling of enterprises. Following the initiatives, QNET Limited called upon the government to develop a legal regulator to govern the businesses. According to Zaheer Merchant, the overall director of corporate affairs, said India has numerous misconceptions regarding the industry, which paves way for unethical business transactions under Money and Prize Chits Regulation Schemes. Formulation of the regulations will help set upclear-cut laws that will monitor the direct selling industry in India, which has been a leading large-scale provider of self-employments and contributes heavily to exchequer.

Merchant expressed great confidence and faith in the government and hoped that the latter would put into consideration the relevant legislation deployed by other countries in the world in order to achieve fair and just rules, which would ensure business interests are prioritized. On behalf of the QNET staff and officials, Mr. Merchant assured the government of its undivided support in making their plea a success.

Mentoring Talents in India

The company has initiated program that seeks to develop creative and innovate minds in India by encouraging them to come up with unique products. Any product that passes the company’s quality test, it shall be sold via the firm’s sale platform and all the royalties will go to the inventor.

Benefits of Intellectual Property

The idea of intellectual property is not a new one according to lawyer Frans Schoeman. As a matter of fact, it has progressively become an important are with advancement in the global economy. The global economy is shifting to what can be referred as information economy. The shift of the economy to this line is significantly changing what is perceived of great worth in the private exchange. As opposed to physical properties or land, the form of property that has become most important in the world today is the intellectual property, the efforts of the human mind.

A large number of people and businesses have not taken into account what Intellectual property can do for them. In most cases, there is a general perception that taking advantage of intellectual property is very expensive and often takes so much time to bear fruits. This perception is not true because exploitation of intellectual property has huge benefits. This article will discuss the resulting benefits of exploiting one’s intellectual property.

• Guarantees monopoly. The rights of intellectual property give the owner exclusive authority to use the intellectual property. For instance, a patent protects infringement of a product since selling or making that product is prevented. In another case, if a trade mark is registered, the violation of that registration through a similar trademark is prevented.

Intellectual property also offers commercial benefits. A monopoly can be maintained that excludes competitors from a certain area of business. Alternatively, the owner of the intellectual property can license other parties to help exploit a big market that the owner cannot by herself. This way, the owner can generate income through royalty, lump sum or other mutual benefits arising from licensing other parties.

On the other hand, the owner of an intellectual property can sell it at an appropriate price. This is possible since ownership can be transferred. For instance, an individual who develops an invention in an area that he does not have a commercial interest in may consider selling the invention to a party that operate in that are thereby exploiting his invention.
• Monitoring the market. Intellectual property offers another important advantage in watching the market. For instance, registered design or trademark or a patent indicates the direction the business is taking. As a result, registration of a similar trademark may seem to be a change of identity for a company.
• Lower tax rates. It is usually the unobvious benefit of the intellectual property. In most countries, they offer tax breaks and a lower tax rate on profit arising from intellectual property. Such proceeds can be emanating from licensing other parties, the sale of the intellectual property or even income generated by the business.

Frans Schoeman of graduated from the University of Free State in 1990 with a degree in Baccalaureus Procuration. This qualified him as an attorney in South African. Frans has great expertise in the area of corporate and international law, civil resolution, negotiation and business law.

Dr. Walden is Leading the Way to Professional Excellence

Most of us have probably considered plastic surgery for a variety of reasons at some point in our lives. The decision, however, is not one any of us are willing to make lightly, one of our greatest concerns finding a trustworthy surgeon. Dr. Jennifer Walden, recognized in Texas Monthly as a Texas Super Doctor, has certainly gone a long way to earn her patients’ trust. Today, she holds a fully accredited office operating suite in Westlake Medical Center and owns the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. Of course, like many of us, Dr. Walden started out with little more than a dream and the drive to achieve her goals.

Originally from Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden’s passion for the medical field is likely thanks to her father, a dentist, and her mother, a surgical nurse. Even so, she chose her own path and enrolled in the University of Texas to pursue her undergraduate degree in Biology. Dr. Walden went on to attend medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch, where she graduated salutatorian. From there, she went to the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital for her fellowship. However, she remained in New York for another seven and a half years, working as Attending in Plastic Surgery at Lenox Hill and Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospitals. Her dedication to her patients and her work eventually earned her a position as the Aesthetic Surgery Program Director at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital.

In 2011, Dr. Walden decided to return to her home in Austin, Texas. It is there that she opened her own practice, the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center with a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas. She continues to practice there today, her certifications including a Texas State Medical License, a Florida State Medical License, a New York State Medical License, American Board of Plastic Surgery and American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AAAASF). If that doesn’t speak to her trustworthiness, perhaps the fact she has privileges at the Westlake Medical Center, St. David’s North Austin Medical Center and Seton Hospital, just to name a few.

There is no doubt Dr. Walden continues to prove her dedication to medicine and many of the health issues people face today. Of special interest to Dr. Walden is the health issues women deal with, breast health and every aspect of plastic surgery. To that end, she is a media spokesperson for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In the end, there is no doubt Dr. Walden has earned our trust as a leading plastic surgeon and a leader in the medical field.

Smart Investment Strategies Can Elevate Your Financial Status To Unthinkable Heights

A recurring question from potential and active investors always come up. They want to know what is the best investment strategy to follow. I will attempt to answer this question in an unbiased manner. So here it is; the best investment advice that any analyst can give is to align yourself with a strategy that best suits your style. For example, if you are a vegetarian, then it is probably not recommended to invest in animal slaughterhouses because you will probably feel guilty for going against your beliefs. If you are someone that is into technology, then you might want to invest in companies that are on the cutting-edge of innovation, which may make you feel like you are part of something that is going to make a difference in the world.

When you put your money into a concept that you love, then it makes it easier to research the topics and issues surrounding a particular idea. Also, when you invest in something that you love, you organically evolve your knowledge-base and your ability to comprehend the factors that support your investment plan. However, for the record, I am not trying to stray anyone away from investing in stocks that you are not familiar with, for many people who did not know much about computers still invested in Microsoft because they were able to make common sense assessments based upon the trajectory of our society.

Smart investments make it easier to align financial actions with your personal goals. Most investors participate in the financial sport to save for retirement. Others invest for more specific reasons, such as to raise money for a wedding or to save for a child’s college tuition. Some people invest simply to get rich.

Despite the generic blanket of answers that I have cast over the question of investment advice, there are still some universal rules that investors should always adhere to. The first rule is to never lose money. Even though some things are out of your control, there are mitigating factors that can prevent bad investment choices or total loss of invested funds. The best way to reduce the chances of financial loss is to educate yourself about the investment world in general, then educate yourself about your specific investment ideas, and finally hire an investment firm with integrity and a history of success. The second rule of investing is to never forget rule number one.

When investing, it is critical to align yourself with an investment firm that demonstrates trust. Potential investors should always check and double-check the credentials and referrals of investment firms that you are interested in. Heed these words, for it is a lot easier to lose money from a poor investment strategy opposed to losing money from a fraudulent or incompetent investment firm.

If you are new to investing and you want to take the safe route with less risk, then some investment options like certificates of deposit and money market accounts are your best bet. However, if you want to work with an investment firm that can aggressively change your life for the better, then there are some companies out there like Madison Street Capital that have produced phenomenal results for their clients. Madison Street Capital represents the type of stand-out firm that has an excellent track record for capital restructuring, managing intangible assets, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, evaluation services and much more. Companies like Madison Street Capital are praised for producing consistent results and for providing unparalleled leadership and financial returns for their clients.

Have Fun During Ski Season With Andy Wirth

Skiing has long been a highly popular activity. Many people love to ski. Skiing can help someone get from one place to another. It can also help people get into good shape. Cross country skiing burns an enormous amount of calories and can be a great way to get into many back woods areas they have never seen before in person. Downhill skiing can be a wonderful way to help someone go fast and feel free as they nearly fly down a mountain. Skiing can also a wonderful activity that all family members can participate in when on vacation. Even a small child can learn how to get on a pair of skis and use them to get around on snow.

The right skiing vacation will typically include several elements. Many people look for the opportunity to ski in a beautiful area. Another important element of a satisfying ski season vacation is the chance to enjoy other activities in addition to skiing such as snowboarding and sledding. Many people want to stay at a resort in ski season that also has other amenities such as access to high quality restaurants, fun shows and the chance to relax after a day spent on the mountain enjoying the slopes.

Someone who fully understands the needs of the modern ski vacationer is Andy Wirth. Wirth is an executive in the hospitality industry with an extensive background in this field. He has worked in many areas of the ski industry over the last few decades. As a result of his insights, he has helped provide those looking for the ideal ski vacation with the amenities they want when they visit an area known for providing great skiing. Wirth is presently the Chief Operating Office and the president of the highly influential Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The company works hard to provide visitors to this area with the kind of skiing season that allows people to explore all that this natural area has to offer to any visitor.

Any person who loves to ski will find that skiing in Squaw Valley and the surrounding area can be a wonderful chance to enjoy the great outdoors in one of the world’s most adored skiing areas. The entire region has long drawn those who love to see areas of tremendous natural beauty. This is one of America’s loveliest places and one that people really like to visit.

Eucatex Creates Global Green Spaces

In 1951, Eucatex became the first Brazilian company to recognize the value of Brazil’s many forests of native eucalyptus as a raw manufacturing material and began using eucalyptus to manufacture ceiling tiles and panels. Now, more then 6 decades later, they are a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of an entire range of building materials and other product lines that use eucalyptus as a founding material. With four factories and 2,200 employees spread over five continents, they have grown into a global presence in the manufacturing industry.

But unlike many companies that move their manufacturing operations to take advantage of less stringent regulations in impoverished countries and pollute an environment other than their own, Eucatex has kept all of its manufacturing operations in Brazil. It has instead worked to not only protect their native environment but actually lessen their environmental impact overall. With a host of programs ranging from innovative recycling programs that use wood residue to create energy to an Environmental Education Program called the “House of Nature,” Eucatex has invested massive resources in providing a sustainable future for Brazil’s native resources.

As early as 1960, Eucatex began to look ahead and realized that without proper maintenance, Brazil’s native eucalyptus was not an inexhaustible resource. Rather than begin searching for other resources, however, they instead began to implement plans to replenish their own supply and thus led the way in creating sustainability. In the 70’s and 80’s they began to invest heavily in land, which they diligently reforested. Today, their goal is to teach children to protect this valuable resource that can provide economic opportunities for themselves and many generations to come.

Many of these innovations have been spearheaded by Eucatex’s President, Flavio Maluf. Born in Brazil and educated at both the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado and New York University, he became Eucatex’s President in 1996 after nearly a decade of working for the company. Recognized as being the driving force behind both Eucatex’s expansive growth over the last two decades as well as their concern for environmental issues, Maluf has lived up to the hopes and expectations of the board that put him in his position, as well as the nation that relies on Eucatex to protect it’s natural resources.

More than just the President of Eucatex, however, Flavio is an outspoken environmental spokesman throughout Brazil and has played an important role in creating a recycle and reuse mentality throughout the state of Sao Paulo. He has won several awards for philanthropic and charitable endeavors and has led the way in making Eucatex offices “green places” around the world.

The Best Lawyer For You, Ricardo Tosto de Oliverira Carvalho

The dictionary says the law is “the system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may enforce by the imposition of penalties.” We all need rules and laws to guide us in almost every matter of our lives. Where would we be without rules and laws? Each state and country has their own laws, and each country on this earth has their own laws. Acquaintance with the laws of each nation you have business or contracts with is necessary. Additionally, international laws are rules established and recognized by nations. It’s essential to know a reputable lawyer when you travel to a particular country to conduct business.

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer with the familiarity and comfort of international law. Ricardo is a proud Brazilian who is a graduate of Mackenzie Presbyterian University and Tosto received further credit in Business Administration at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado(FAAP). As a member of the International Bar Association, (IBA) and many other legal groups, Tosto’s dedication and passion for law are exceptional. His contribution to business law, traditional and new legal areas for over 22 years contributes to his reputation as an efficient, qualified, and skillful lawyer.

Ricardo Tosto negotiates and practices his trade nationally and internationally. This respected lawyer is the co-founder of and partner of the law firm Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. This firm is relevant to your particular needs. They specialize in Credit Recovery, Banking Contracts, Bankruptcy, and Civil and Commercial law and many areas of law. For example, Tosto is the author of several published papers about Brazilian law. He is enamoured of and respects the origin of Brazilian law. Brazilian law is based on Roman codes since the Portuguese colonized Brazil, and Tosto is trying to help forge current Brazil with ancient Roman law.

His professional titles include his position as the former president of the Judicial Modernization and other judicial organizations. As an international law firm Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados specializes in business law, helps foreign investors and visitors understand what they are buying or signing. The firm is a great asset to companies. Arguably one of the best law firms, Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogado argued one of the most well-known resolutions in Brazil.

The firm establishes close relationships with their clients and maintains close, supportive ties with them. To meet the needs of their large clientele, the firm has several locations. The main office is in Sao Paulo with offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. The diverse and well-travelled staff has degrees from all over the world. They speak Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Hebrew, Mandarin and Arabic. If you need legal advice about Brazil, or want to do business in Brazil contact a professional, knowledgeable lawyer such as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. You will value his knowledge and professionalism.

Every Man Can Find Love On AnastasiaDate

Two people who’d be perfect for each other can completely pass each other without ever knowing who the other person is. The only way these two people may realize that they are great for one another is if they were to have a conversation, go out a few times, and maybe even learn things about each other from their friends. A lot of times in life two people who would be great together can’t seem to find each other, and it’s because they may have limited themselves on how they are dating. If a person is willing to date online, then they are opening up themselves to a much bigger demographic in the dating world.

Those who are unwilling to date online are closing themselves off to the bigger demographic, and they may be stuck with the people that they meet in person, which may not be a lot, depending on where the person lives. Online dating is really the way to go these days, especially since a lot of people find themselves using the Internet on a daily basis. Imagine that at least one billion people are using the Internet every single day, and many of them are single and looking for a date. It’s reasonable to think that out of one billion people, there has to be someone out there for another person.

The more people that are online dating, then the more likely it is for two people to find each other, especially if they are good for each other. The only way two people can really know if they belong together is if they get to know each other, but they don’t necessarily have to meet in person to learn more about each other. Online dating is popular because of the fact that people get to know each other, without ever having to go on a date, at least not until they are ready to do so. The AnastasiaDate website is a perfect place to start dating online.

Not only does the AnastasiaDate website have many beautiful and diverse women in an international setting, but there are easy ways to find these women on the site by using their advanced search engine. AnastasiaDate’s search engine is so great that it can easily help a man pick out a woman based on height, hair color, age, special interests and more. Once a man has put in all the information that he wants in a particular woman, and then he’s more likely to narrow down the list of women on the AnastasiaDate website and find himself a good woman. AnastasiaDate also has several ways that people can communicate with one another, and this can help any man to narrow down his search.

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